Recording Heist From Level 3

First of all, great job on the sounds this league. Audio and character design is by far the best thing in this league. In a game where everything has to happen fast, it takes a lot for me to stop for a while and just listen to the dialogue.. but you've managed to!

What makes me sad is the community here. People seem to focus too much on the bugs in the game and they seem to think that instead of having good audio, GGG "should have put more focus on fixing bugs instead".

But those are different teams.. different sections of GGG. The audio team does their thing, and the scripters do theirs. It's not like you can put a bunch of sound designers to fix heist instances, because of obvious reasons.

Also some people seem to think that "killing monsters is all this game is about".. Well, try playing a game where you're killing monsters, but with horrible sound design. It's not fun. Not at all.

Really stellar audio work guys, especially under the Covid situation we are in now. Keep up the good work!
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
Honestly, thank you for putting so much effort into this. Betrayal was one of my most favorite leagues since the very beginning in part thanks to the flavorful dialogue and personalities of the NPCs that put a smile on my face every time I'd hear Hillock go "bye bye", or Janus trying to look cool and tripping over his words, or Riker's alliterations, or Cameria's flippancy, etc. It breathes so much life into each pack of pixels on the screen when you know those pixels have some sort of distinct personality behind them that's just plain fun to interact with.

And all of this applies to Heist as well, so it's not surprising this is the first league mechanic that made me care about itself since Betrayal. I'm very impressed by the number and quality of voice lines and how good most of them are. Tibbs is such a sweetie! He and Karst are probably my favorite characters to do heists with just because of the awesome voicing. It wouldn't be remotely as fun without the voices. I hope the mechanic stays in some form; it would be a huge waste to lose all of these lines. We've already lost Shadow's pre-3.0 introduction dialogue—that's a crime enough.

P.S. Post some hi-res Heist concept art!
<Tyrfalger> Exactly, the next act is going outside Sarn and into those wheat fields (see the map) to become a farmer. Then we can spend our days endlessly farming. Wait a minute...
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I'm closing in on 3900 hours of PoE and I still don't know the gist of the story. I've heard some bits and pieces of dialogue here and there throughout the game but I never pay any attention to it, sadly enough, because I know there are talented writers at GGG pumping out cool storylines every 3 months.

The best piece of dialogue I've heard in Heist is actually something a bit older; it's a line from The Hunter that I heard only yesterday and it made me chuckle hard: "Not you again! Can't you bother Drox instead?"

Also, I thought this was going to be a post about the current state of Heist..
ask a deaf person about the quality.

"the end result is not perfect" well.. striving for "perfection" might be the reason you have so many problems.

a bricklayer could write a page about trying to lay bricks in the pissing down rain.. same situation and nobody would care either.

my sympathies to everyone who suffers due to this fkin globalised world.. gives some people different priorities in their lives.

have a nice day.
This system lets us rank dialogue by priority, with higher priority dialogue cutting off lower priority dialogue and preventing any new lower priority dialogue from playing.

The following characters are able to do this with EASE, especially over themselves. This also is one of the elements required to spawn MANY, MANY conditions that'll lead to unexpected client crashes. Having a SSD DOES NOT SAVE YOU FROM THESE CRASHES.

ALL of this can happen with ALL releases on ANY supported operating system (including Linux.) The crashes you get access to DIFFER depending if you're booting from a SSD or HDD.

- Niko (& the Azurite Mines ITSELF.)
- Jun (and ALL of her NPCs - VERY easily reproducible in Maps.)
- Einhar
- Alva (Hard to replicate)
- Zana (impossible, if not VERY Very difficult to replicate - but it CAN happen.)
- Sister Cassia
- Kirac
- ANY and ALL NPCs found in Towns, including those that you cannot interact with.
- ANY & ALL Non-NPC interact-able objects.
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when i started 2 days ago, i played alot of heists, just to enjoy the wonderfully made new content.

took me over a day to kill kitava but it's been worth it. dialoges are funny and unique, characters have character and it's been a amazing time.

one backdraw, instead of heists granting no xp to not spoil the main storyline for those that wanna rush to endgame, why do not cut 20% xp from the main story and add this to the league content?

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I always liked all characters in POE, so I really do enjoy this league, but to maintain such quality made under such a pressure is really well done.
You should have "abused" your power by actually fixing things before you release it, but what do i know?
firenovix wrote:
Exile009 wrote:
stellar476 wrote:
1% of players care about lore and dialogue bullshit.

Got a survey to back up that figure? Or were you just pulling it out of your you know where?

I mean I don't know about anyone else but when I think about a previous league the only thing that comes to my mind is the mechanics and how effective it was at obtaining loot, whether that method of obtaining it was satisfying and enjoyable. I don't think about the voice acting nor the story behind it as those don't really mean anything to me.

What a sad experience. But you're entitled to it, if that's what you prefer. Just don't pretend your kind speaks for or represents anyone else, or pull out 1% or 99% figures out of your asses just cos you like to imagine everyone else who plays these games is just like you. We aren't.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
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SquareCubiC wrote:
uh no, it is a measurable and comparable value... so, it makes sense to compare by that very number.

How so? I mean do you see that numbers as a measurement of how good a player is, or rather a measurement of how boring or bad the league is to make me not interested on playing it at all?

SquareCubiC wrote:

Yea Go Play Diablo, the game that has not changed, not even seen PROPER balance changes in years! sounds like a super good comparison! and if this community loses someone with that kind of judgement, it sure is sad, but actually it isnt :)

See? I just have to pull the D3 card and you already react like i am a worthless piece of shit who need to leave.
But ask yourself, how does poe do better with all the untested extra content which is forcefully added every 3 months and then getting migrated to core? Doesn't it feels like the game slowly loses it's identity? Like you have a pile of crap, it smells, then instead of clearing it up you take another pile on the top of that, surely it's covering the bottom one but it's there, and it's getting bigger and bigger every time you do it. Should i be happy that we now have a bigger pile of crap than the "other one" which didn't changed for ages?
"I'm programmed to say something that is kind and uplifting at this point, but there is apparently an error that is working in my favor."

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