Recording Heist From Level 3

Interesting post but it makes me think, why in the hell would Heist be released knowing full well it still needed a lot of polish. A lot.

Save Heist for December, its a big enough league if done well, and make September a Legacy league!

Stop rushing these out. There is quality there but when they are rushed out it hurts everyone. The GGG staff and players.

September should have been a suped-up Legacy league.

Please, slow down, give yourself time and if needed do another Flashback/Legacy/Timeworn thing instead of rushing something out like Heist because it had (has) a lot of potential.

Now its just a turnoff.

Could have been a great December league.

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Dear GGG,

I'm sold on the idea of this league and most of its implementation.
But I'm also very much afraid that this league will come to a much much earlier end than any league before if there is no way to successfully play its endgame - grand heists.

Please add a personal stach to the grand heist spawn area to solve harbor instance changes during a grand heist.
I tell you a secret. People playing ARPGs like to kill stuff more than anything. Putting effort into anything but that should be lower priority.

If the killing is stable and evolving, nothing but love will be shown.
I represent only myself, my own thought and believes. I am individual, not a representative of the community.
I am not speaking on behalf of someone else and I don't get offended by things that have nothing to do with me.
ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
Great work with characters this league, voice lines are so far the best thing about Heist (maybe even story, i would know later when i switch to ssf and would enjoy story then :)) and i hope with next patch heist/grand heist endgame would become less buggy and enjoyable.
xMustard wrote:
for the future i HIGHLY suggest you anticipate that the lockdowns and restrictions will literally NEVER go away, and plan/adapt appropriately

which is dumb, I haven't heard of any corona death in months
Mirror drop at t8 pier in legacy league :>
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade in delirium league :▲
Looking at this post in a vacuum it is pretty cool how this was accomplished and it was a really good QoL change for the game going forward.
The writing and characterization in Heist is amazing, and honestly I haven't noticed any difference in sound quality between the characters. My favourite part of Heist is, easily, hands down, the story quests and banter.
There is a lot of negativity everywhere at the moment, just want to share my thanks for pushing out the fixes so quickly as per usual.

I understand the frustration from people but I have been having a great time mapping and playing with the new skills. Am happy to leave heist for a week while you iron out the bugs and enjoy the rest of the game.

It is hard being tossed in and out off lockdown. Thanks for the updates and looking forward to more heisting.

NickK_GGG wrote:
Making Huck and Tullina awkwardly and repeatedly talk over each other is probably the greatest abuse of my power I've achieved while working at GGG, and hearing it brings me endless joy.

reading stuff like that, shows that you guys work with passion, and it is stuff like that, that makes me play PoE with the passion i do.

Calling the lockdown and everything corona related "a card" or excuse, is simply beyond me... some people clearly have no idea how much work and efforts are behind such (especially in this case with all the recording and stuff) big to huge projects...

Marxone wrote:
I tell you a secret. People playing ARPGs like to kill stuff more than anything. Putting effort into anything but that should be lower priority.

If the killing is stable and evolving, nothing but love will be shown.

thanks for spreading your opinion as if it was everyones, that stuff is really mature, constructive, and overall just as useful as it could be! /s

There might be bugs, okay.
some are worse than others, okay.
But for the love of Innocence, please, PLEASE dont listen to people that have actually no time spent in Heist. Lets face it, many many feedback posts on reddit have the same quality as:

girng wrote:
Stop using the coronavirus card, no one cares.

and this guy has 2(!!!!) Challenges completed, how is that a measurement of the league?!
The only criticism GGG should take, is that based on the feedback on reddit, (balance) changes were made, that made Heist in its core, way simpler. Based on feedback coming from people that put no real efforts in Gearing and levelling the rogues for example...
I wish i could wittness the vanilla heist experience, with actually having geared and levelled up the rogues.
Please, stop listening to people that play to play a league as a sprint, until the next game release is coming (cyberpunk for example) and then quit anyway. Path of Exile, the leagues in particular, are a marathon. #EndgameGrinds

You guys do a great job, even tho the league had/ has bugs, you work on them, faster than any other game company (even with only one single IP) on fixes.
And sadly many people cant appreciate that these days... but it is, as it seems, people that dont really are invested in playing PoE anyway, when i look at challenges or supporter pack badges...
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Why wasnt there a decision made to run a legacy league from good old leagues? There was one few years ago, it was a blast. Covid lockdown seems like perfect time to run one.

Instead of the half-assed, unfinished, bug infested heist league.

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