Recording Heist From Level 3

xMustard wrote:
for the future i HIGHLY suggest you anticipate that the lockdowns and restrictions will literally NEVER go away, and plan/adapt appropriately

I think they will go away permanently, but probably not until Spring of next year. I think either the Herd Immunity or Vaccine will start dropping the curve...

Other Countries have done. We just need to be smarter....
Why wasnt there a decision made to run a legacy league from good old leagues? There was one few years ago, it was a blast. Covid lockdown seems like perfect time to run one.

Instead of the half-assed, unfinished, bug infested heist league.

Unfortunately Chris has said that the way leagues are integrated into the game and how many there have been, they can't just turn them on and off like they did back with Legacy.

He said it would take more work to create a new Legacy league now compared to just adding in a new league.
well just hope change this awesome mechanic 15 seconds waiting a door, die to 50 mobs shooting in the other side and lose the 5 minutes waiting doors
and keep adding ways to punish players increasing alarm and reducing how many loot you can get, lets nerf the time before a lockdown... i wonder if the ggg devs play the game and try actually farm currency in the heists
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I apologize for my fellow human beings for being a bit to emotional and lashing out. None of you deserve these kinds of attacks and I wish people would remember that you guys/ladys are also fellow human beings.

I like the dialog, it gives a new feel to the game. The game can feel lonely sometimes, having these companions help that. I hope we can get one or two to follow along in other places someday

Its also nice to go after other humans, instead of just monsters. Now that i know we are the bad guys, i am interested in what evil deeds will be doing future leagues.

Thank you for working so hard. Enjoying the murder, i mean heist league.
NickK_GGG wrote:

The end result isn't perfect. One of the main reasons to consistently use the same studio is to ensure all characters have the same quality to the voice, and in Heist, there are a few characters that distinctly sound a bit different when heard in isolation.

Really? Didn't notice. The lore, characters, and all the visuals in Heist are pretty great. I also like some monster names I've seen on my way to exit.

Took me a while to realise what "level 3" is.
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The heist dialogue is some of the best I've seen in the game.

I want to commend the team that worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the dialogue this league the best that I have experienced. The interactions between the characters, especially in the grand heists are very humorous and brings the entire crew to life. I hope this sets the bar for future leagues to come as this is very enjoyable. Thank you for your efforts especially in the trying times we all are facing.

I do have one request if you are able. Please give Cassia from Blight a few more lines, her repetitive dialogue gets to be rather 'boring and small' after a short while.

(Bunch of ingrates up in this thread. This is literally a post about voice acting and too many moaning shites having baby tanturums-- grow up.)

Nick and crew-- Amazing work. Thanks for your dedication, your passion is evident. Much appreciated <3
All the NPC dialogue is superb and adds more depth and detail to the game. I wish new leagues would expand on this sort of thing by revisiting older league contend and adding more there so we get new dialogue/jokes/dynamics between the NPCs or major characters/bosses.

Great stuff!
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