[3.12] Sword & Board Smite Juggernaut - D3 Style (All Uniques!), Fast, Tanky, Fun, Cheap to Start

Looks interesting, did you get to try A8 Sirus already?

Btw, dunno if you can still change that but the thread does not have the JUGGERNAUT tag, so it doesn't show up here https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-forum/23/tag/Juggernaut
Whats the difference between this build and your infernal blow?
damjanusz wrote:
- lack of ele ailment avoidance (brittle would make u pop, good You have shock avoidance. Freeze immune can be solved by a flask or an ascendancy)
- lack of chaos res
- low block chance/ no spell block
- get some curse immunity on a flask

These are Next to get ... Try to kill shaper/elder, A8 Sirius, deathless. If u can manage that, You can call that build tanky. Otherwise it’s “more stable glass cannon that don’t die that often”, IMHO.
JK. Great job with unique management. But for sure, try to reach endgame content like listed above, or Aul. U will get a perspective what “tanky” means.

Sigh... What a diatribe! (And now for mine.)

I was hoping it wouldn't happen this time, but deep down I was wondering when I'd get my first armchair build expert.

Someone like you always seems to show up in every guide I've written to give me their expert opinion and a checklist of things I've somehow missed. Because I dunno wtf I'm doing... Right? Even though it's YOU the one playing MY build. Let alone the fact I've written a bunch of end-game verified guides, all based on skills that are, or were, in use by less than 1% of the PoE player base at the time.

What's sad is that looking at the variant of the build you put together, I can tell you somewhat know what you're doing, and I would have probably enjoyed discussing the build with you, but you should really take some time to read over the things you're about to post, before doing so, so you don't come off as a pompous ass. (and I am completely aware that to you I may be coming off as that very pompous ass, as you read this; difference is I am doing so on purpose, while you are either obtuse, really young or just a troll).

Did you read the guide at all? It clearly states this is not a boss killer. If I upload a video of Sirus it's to show that you can still complete the content, but that doesn't mean I optimized for it. In your ample expertise, that should have been obvious.

Shaper/Elder as tests of tankyness? WTF are you talking about? Those are encounters where, ideally, you're supposed to avoid taking damage. It's so much about not taking damage that there's actually a video from 3.5 of a level 36 killing Uber Elder deathless (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLCkEb5ZFLs)

What exactly am I to test with? Trash phases that are exactly as T16 trash? No, I'm guessing I have to eat two or three Shaper balls on purpose, just so I can meet your criteria to thus be allowed the use of the word "tanky". Do forgive your humble servant for not asking thy permission ahead of time, my Liege!!

But, even with this not being a boss killer by design, if you don't already know that any build that can do Sirus 0, let alone Sirus 6, can OBVIOUSLY do Shaper/Elder/Sirus 8, that really says a lot about your supposed level of expertise. And if you think about it for a second, I'm not sure that's the kind of thing you want to freely go on disclosing, while at the same time portraying an air of superior knowledge.

The defense layers in my builds are enough for my personal playstyle and are the result of in-game testing. I don't go off of an arbitrary checklist of defense layers I need to get because "ZOMG!! I don't have curse immunity! It's the end of the world!!".

Let me fill you in on a little secret: I've never given 2 shits about curse immunity or chaos res and it's never been a problem. If it were a problem, I would have fixed it, but this is a softcore build, who cares about a random death here and there? Where a death does matter, 83 Heists, I've already presented ample evidence that the layers I've incorporated into the build are more than sufficient. So, kindly, STFU...

Now, testing did show that Poison is an annoyance, and so, that is what I fixed with the life flask. Is Poison not a problem for you? Awesome! Swap the damned flask to a Curse or whatever ffs... Not sure how you stating the obvious helps anyone besides stroking your own "r/iamverysmart" ego.

Even if I cared about curse immunity, wtf is there to worry about? I'm elem weakness capped, freeze/shock immune and have more than enough armour. What's the deadly curse that's going to get me and make the game unplayable?

And lastly, another obvious gap in your knowledge that you chose to flaunt in public, just for all to see exactly how little you actually know. "Freeze immune can be solved"?? BRO! I am Jugg with "Unstoppable". Do you understand that "Action/Movement Speed cannot be modified below base value" = Freeze immune? Holy fuck some expert...

Yeah... There goes that deadly ZOMG Temporal Chains curse too. The world is saved!
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Wissle wrote:
Looks interesting, did you get to try A8 Sirus already?

Btw, dunno if you can still change that but the thread does not have the JUGGERNAUT tag, so it doesn't show up here https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-forum/23/tag/Juggernaut

Hi, thanks!

No, still clearing atlas to A8, but if you can do A6, you can do A8, it's just a matter of player skill, not build strength.
HueyX wrote:
Whats the difference between this build and your infernal blow?

God tier Harvest gear.

If this toon had the gear I had in 3.11 OMG... Sirus 8 would be taken to school cakewalk style.

But, this time around, I wanted to see what I could make by sort of "handy-capping" myself to using only uniques and avoiding Cluster jewels.

3.12 Thread of Hope update!

OK OK guys, check this out as it's an important change.

I just realized this after helping out a guildy with his build and noticed he was running a "Thread of Hope":

Well, that opens up several interesting options for us:

1) Medium Ring:

This one allows us to grab:

2) Large Ring:

This one allows us to grab:

**This last option also frees up two points, after allocating Panopticon, to use in Life or wherever you want. Not really sure what I'll go for yet, since I just found this out.

Personally, I love Panopticon, so I think I'm gonna test that one first, since I had been dying for a way to have both Panopticon + Arcing Blows. But, the jewels are cheap anyway, so I will probably try both at some point.

GL in your own testing!
3.12 Video Update: Sirus 7 down!

Ok guys, so I really hate this fight, really just doing this for you guys and the guide, cuz I've never gotten a single piece of loot worth anything off of this boss or the guardians.

Matter of fact I have yet to see a single drop of the fancy new Exalted orbs that came out several leagues ago. NOT ONE EVER!

Anyway... Here's this stupid boss Sirus 7. Please don't ask "hey have you tried Sirus 8 yet", cuz come on! Someone better than me can obviously do this shit and A8 deathless NP!

Salt salt lol.. Here's the video:

Youtube: Smite Jugg - Sirus 7 (2 Deaths)

Stupid fucking fight for melee builds!

Please fix this shit GGG... This is not a worthy encounter for the end boss of this game!
3.12 Video Update!! Hall of Grandmasters clear!

Hi guys, so I'm finally 98 and figured I'd see how the build does in Hall of Grandmasters, and surprisingly, it seems like I could farm it ;)

I got killed once because I didn't see an archer in the corner.

Besides that, the only other issue was running into maxblock, fast ES regen rogue "mull_gubben":

So for him, we swap:

If you don't have any white socks, just swap Close Combat instead of Ruthless. And that's it!

Enjoy the video:

Youtube: Smite Jugg - Hall of Grandmasters (1 Death)

EDIT: OK video is fixed now

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3.12 Level 98 Gear Update!

Ok guys, been spamming a lot today, so just a quick one to show what I look like now at final level 98:


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3.12 Video Update: T16 60% Delirium

Hi guys!

Pushing the build to the limit here's a T16 Tropical Island with 60% Delirium, Beyond, No Regen, Extra Lightning and a bunch of other nasty shit...

Youtube: T16 Tropical Island (60% Delirium, Corrupted, Beyond, No Regen)

This was a tough one! Especially since no regen means it kills my warcry healing, but damned fun ;)

Sadly, Kosis is a no go... Just too much resists or something, can't get much damage in, but the boss went down pretty quick!

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