3.12.2 Hotfix 1

Hunting for the instances I was is not a riveting game experience. It is even more brutal when; after struggling for a while to find it back, the heist crashes on you.
For the love of god, just let us invite the important NPC(s) into hideout or make the harbour non-public instance.

Even if just as a hotfix. This is getting really really annoying and waiting week or weeks for a patch to such a fundamental issue...

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For what it's worth I too would personally prefer a solo instance Rogue Harbour.

Not just for the portal and performance problems others have reported, but I'd also like to read and hear the NPCs tell their stories, as well as plan my heists and sell items in peace and not be bothered by the MTX effects happening around me all the time.

Thank you.
I guess it's either 1 or 38,000. Nothing in between, right?
This is beyond bullshit now, that was the single thing i waited for and now it's stealthy reverted, "un-fixes" like this should be pinned on the login screen for people to be aware or well, since grand heists don't work at all because they don't spawn wing entrances why don't just disable harbor as a whole since it doesn't have any meaning, will surely be better than this raging dumpster fire of a league start.
fix instance crashes in heist now instance crashe everywhere

i have "unexpected disconection" every time i travel between locations
Yep, GGG cucked my Grand Heist with this. Thought waiting a week would be safe to attempt a Grand Heist. Nope, Maybe by the next league I'll be able to attempt one. Well done on taking an interesting idea and completely butchering it.
Yikes, I happily ran a Grand Heist under the assumption that the Rogue Harbour instance bug was fixed because it was in the 3.12.2 patch notes and then I portaled out to stash things and my portal was gone...again. I've been saving up blueprints because I literally do not feel safe running them.

Don't get me wrong, I love the concept of this league, but these issues are gradually driving me away.

I totally agree with many of the comments on this thread: give us a private Rogue Harbour instance and/or a stash in the transition room outside the Grand Heist wings and it'll solve this problem. Please. I genuinely want to enjoy this content.
Idea: put a stash in the goddam heist so we dont have to leave ~ one bug fixed
Idea 2: The portal to your heist stays open till you do the last wing/8min out of it/leave the area ~ in case you d/c or whatever

For idea 2 since the portal can go to another instance... just open the dam portal in our hideout or something instead of in the town and the npc can just send us to our hideout when we open it (or better yet mark us as in our hideout then send us to the heist)
Thanks for putting it in hotfix which doesn't display when you log in... Don't you think this is information that a player might really want to know?

I have seen patch notes, left heist... got screwed. Then i went to forum to post a bug report and found this.

Really... put this kind of stuff ("fixed" bug is not fixed) on login screen like all the patch notes don't screw ppl for absolutely no reason.

It feels bad when you loose some stuff to a bug/dc/etc. But it feels really bad when you loose stuff cause you believed GGG. And it feels REALLY REALLY bad when you loose stuff cause you believed GGG and GGG knew that it might happened but didn't display this info to you right away.
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As a QA/QC professional of some years, I can say with certainty that this kind of abysmally messy launch is absolutely preventable. How do you not test the stability of a new portal mechanic to make sure it does what it's supposed to do? How do you then put out a "fix" just to roll it back a few hours later and fail to ACTUALLY fix it for 3 more days (and counting)?

The solution has been shouted from the rooftops since day 2: MAKE THE HARBOUR NOT A PUBLIC INSTANCE. Honestly, it not only ruins the immersion of feeling like you're part of that team (along with a hundred other gaudy MTX nightmares?), but it eliminates the issue of trying to return the player to their now-full Harbour instance of origin. It never should have been public in the first place.

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