3.12.2 Hotfix 1

Exiting a Heist can once again place you in a Rogue Harbour instance that does not contain your Heist Portal. This is a temporary measure to fix an issue introduced in 3.12.2 where players were unable to leave a Heist if the instance that contained their Heist portal was full. We will properly fix this issue in a future patch.

uuugh... i read this only after i lost a Grand Heist. AGAIN.

Like, why am I even trying to play this league when i just keep losing my investment into it? Y'all can't put a warning message in-game about "returning to Rogue Harbour will abandon this Contract/Grand Heist" ?

I'd have rather played Harvest for another month and waited for Heist to be released less broken.
pyrognome wrote:
As a QA/QC professional of some years, I can say with certainty that this kind of abysmally messy launch is absolutely preventable. How do you not test the stability of a new portal mechanic to make sure it does what it's supposed to do? How do you then put out a "fix" just to roll it back a few hours later and fail to ACTUALLY fix it for 3 more days (and counting)?

The solution has been shouted from the rooftops since day 2: MAKE THE HARBOUR NOT A PUBLIC INSTANCE. Honestly, it not only ruins the immersion of feeling like you're part of that team (along with a hundred other gaudy MTX nightmares?), but it eliminates the issue of trying to return the player to their now-full Harbour instance of origin. It never should have been public in the first place.

YES. Please. Thank You.

Well, also lost Grand Heist, too ... and not the first one, I am pretty annoyed because I also waited for the fix and didn't lnow there was an unfix to the fix ...

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