PlayStation Heist Launch Delay

Same as last night have to wait in queue
booted twice 2775

Same... before 1124 now 3050 xddd
Also got booted, was at 1095 now 2306.
So when league will be up to play ?
Pretty sure since no one moving up in the queue the number means jack now.
I think at this point I will just create char, reserve name, and play until first crash
Last edited by Suporex on Sep 24, 2020, 7:56:46 AM
is it save to leave queue
Even after downloading the 1.60 patch, the queue message still states servers are offline, exact same message as Last night. So , issue is fixed or not yet?

While typing, I got the classic "unexpected disconnection" and now moved 1000 positions down the queue. GGG, are we good to go or am I once again safe to leave, go back to sleep and maybe try again later?

EDIT: Got to login and create char. Time to play miner for the First time.... Or until the First crash.
Last edited by IIFlamenguistaII on Sep 24, 2020, 8:01:01 AM
Sooooo how exactly does this queue work

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