Week One of Path of Exile: Heist

Hey guys, any news about Divide and Conquer jewel for Spectral Shield Throw? I know it's not one of the most used skills, but not being able to chain with it makes it really hard to play with :( Thank you for your hard work tho! Looking forward to have an update soon :)
"Heist Improvements
Players no longer block other players in The Rogue Harbour.
Reward Chests in Unique Contracts no longer become locked when Lockdown occurs."


TY GGG! So far this has been the best release I've experienced in terms of smoothness, gameplay, and enticement to interact with the league mechanic.
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Bex_GGG wrote:
vorsinho wrote:
are u seriously not fixing soul mantle? thanks for destroying my league starter.

The change to Soul Mantle we mentioned over the weekend is still in progress. My understanding is that it's mostly done but still needs to be reviewed and tested. I'll be keeping a close eye on it and encouraging the team to get the change through as soon as possible.

Hi Bex, thank you for talking about this. If we already have a Soul Mantle that dropped, will it be changed with this future update? Or will this only fix new Soul Mantles?
No buffs to crackling lance?
is anyone looking at the performance issues created by 3.11.2?
What about Asenath's Gentle Touch? It kills the owner = guess it needs alot of investigation to see it doesn't work properly, was grinding two days to get those, and now its literally unplayable item, thanks gameu !
Quick reminder: abys just doesn't work. Blazing salvo doesn't scale with proj or aoe damage.
"minor problems" LOL

I saw people speaking of hexblast ailiment multiplier with doom not working i wonder if that is true,
What about Cracking lance?

Seems like its not scaling correctly at all.

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