Week One of Path of Exile: Heist

Imma just gonna leave this here. Happenned to Quin69, happenned to me. IN SSFHC.

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The launch day went quite well with just a few small hotfixes to address minor problems

I mean................
The launch day went quite well with just a few small hotfixes to address minor problems
Edit: 21.09.2020 post patch 3.12.1: now the Abyss bug is also in Standard league and the Enslaver fight freezes on his death animation, the minions will attack you endlessly while he floats in the air. Good job, GGG

I must admit: aside another 6 GB download in addition to re-downloading the entire game which took me more than 36hrs, I can confirm that the patch went mostly smoothly.
From all the reported bugs, Standard league only got hit by the crafting bench bug. Abyss behaves normal and the game doesn't disconnect more often than usual. Vulkan and DirectX perform as before (but not better, 70 FPS in average on all settings maxed out) and I don't play through Steam, so absolutely no apparent benefits.
From your comments the league works exactly as anticipated: The mechanic is against everything that an ARPG stands for (Hack'n Slay + max loot), you lose all your loot upon disconnect and you have the usual bugs and bad balancing that we get on each league start.

Honestly guys, why did you expect anything else after the league notes got published?

Go play Standard league while waiting for the Reddit community to push the rage level up to a point where most things will get fixed. If Reddit alone won't fix it, then the Lobby-Streamer-Boy community from Baeclast will do. Look at the first videos from ZiggyD, in 2-3 weeks this will mostly be a faded memory.
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I've long been a supporter of GGG's responsiveness and open communication.

But "launch day went quite well with just a few small hotfixes to address minor problems"??

Given the list of basic, basic bugs and thoroughly unrefined league mechanics, it risks sounding silly at best. And rote, disconnected and disingenuous at worst.

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Is the official MacOS client still launching this week?
The launch day went quite well....

Beside the bugs, that are game breaking, what is with the torrent problem at league start?

My experience is absolute not "quite well" and seeing GGG celebrating themselves, is another proof for loosing connection to player base with every league more and more.
What a piece of shit, theres so many glitches crashes and bugs that its hard to see the bright side anymore. ive been playing since open beta. dissapointed to see my favorite game is such a state. even the guild ive been playing with for years most of my friends quitted since last league because that was a disaster aswel, keep it simple and work longer on big leagues.
This weekend we launched Path of Exile: Heist! The launch day went quite well with just a few small hotfixes to address minor problems

Dont really know how you guys have so much balls to write so much shit.
I need to know more about Beth Davidson, the voice actor for Tullina. Google isn't being friendly and I'm a fan of her work. TIA.

Playing almost every day since Beta version 0.9.1 in 2011.

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