Week One of Path of Exile: Heist

"minor problems" like the fact that u couldnt even complete more than half of your heists due to dc's? bruh
Every Class 100
Discord Fyndel#8812 if u cant catch me online in Poe
> The launch day went quite well with just a few small hotfixes to address minor problems

You gotta be kidding...
vorsinho wrote:
are u seriously not fixing soul mantle? thanks for destroying my league starter.

The change to Soul Mantle we mentioned over the weekend is still in progress. My understanding is that it's mostly done but still needs to be reviewed and tested. I'll be keeping a close eye on it and encouraging the team to get the change through as soon as possible.
Thanks for addressing the stash issue relatively fast
I'm still crashing to login, consistently when changing areas, will this be fixed soon?
> The launch day went quite well with just a few small hotfixes to address minor problems

Huge disapointment, are you guys just play with us or what ?
How can you call league start good when lots of people cant even interract with league mechanic.
Seriously ? I have never said a wrong word about ggg but you really start to piss me off, every league you make us beta testers for the first 3 weeks.
Im so angry... lost like 30 contracts due to crashes or disconnects.
And you call league well started ? ...
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Reward Chests in Unique Contracts no longer become locked when Lockdown occurs.

can you do this for grand heists too it would encourage party play so that every player can loot 1 reward room while the alarm goes off
is abyss being fixed? like 90% of the time doesnt give a chest.
Let summoners play this league please, guard alert level reduction or removal is needed.

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