Week One of Path of Exile: Heist

It's the most buggy league since I play PoE (Harbinger).

A shame since Heist looks like a promising mechanic that can actually be fun.

Quite a selective approach to information with that "launch day went all fine" comment. Things we do for love ;).

I forgot to add that prophecies can fire in Heist zones which results in lost prophecy, of course. I haven't seen this one on a long list of broken things - guess it's not that important when compared to Abyss not working or whole gems beings useless...
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Juggggg wrote:
Milani wrote:
"just a few small hotfixes to address minor problems"

you guys did notice that abyss is bugged, uniques dont work and heist is as buggy as if nobody eben alpha tested it?

a heist that is 10 level under my characters level oneshots me with full resist and a shitton of life/es for said level. you guys gotta be joking - but april fool's is over already...

Yeh, but the MTX are bug free and they're making bank, so Tencent are happy. GGG are basically activision/blizzard now... shareholders matter far more than you or I.

haha all the salt in here again. well I can't complain, didn't have any major issues so far. I'm hindered most by my shitty connection. 2nd place would be life and dmg of heist mobs, things like 3-5 rares in a room where you have to lockpick the door, speed-, dmg- and invincibility auras, it's ridiculous. it's not really fun to stop doing the league mechanic as soon as you get into maps, because it's balanced for fully geared lv 95 chars, but that's the way it goes every league so eh, nothing new. anyway I can imagine heist being fun for a while, when it's not as frustrating, same issues blight has, but that is a casual ssf view maybe and not the standard in here.
the stash oversight just made me laugh, I think you should keep it this way, or better make the collision even bigger, just for fun.
so yeah thx for the content and quick fixes all the time. by now people should know that continuous developement like this never really leaves beta, that's why there is core, a refined version of past leagues. well, anyway, keep it up!
Hey, hey! It's the Postal Dude! Get him!
it would be easier to list what works: mtx // mystery box // supporter pack
I generally don't post comments here - but this league with the story driven changes introduced is especially cool. Tks GGG
For such a good day one,


Like Profane bloom for Occultist (thank you very much for ruining my start)


Crafting Bench (how did you even manage to fail so dramatically)?
Cremation is still broken. Sometimes mobs take no damage at all.
The launch day went quite well with just a few small hotfixes to address minor problems

Where can we find all voice actors in the game?
Aaaaand sorry for my english! <3
The league is buggy and more one shot, on death/ground mechanics (please GGG stop taking the game in this direction!). But you have to cut them some slack for working through a pandemic and whatnot. And they continue to be one of the best devs in terms of regular, free content to keep their game fresh.

My biggest gripe with the league is the green quest items clogging up my inventory. I have 5 slots in my inventory occupied by heist quest items I can't store or get rid of. Since your inventory space is already limited this becomes pretty annoying.

I don't want to have to drop everything I'm doing just to run heist content to get it out of my inventory. Especially when that content is buggy and super dangerous. I guess not picking up green contracts/heist items is a solution, but I don't want to skip content just to keep my inventory free. Please GGG make the items unable to be destroyed but able to be stored in our heist stash or something.

Other than that the heist content is quite a rush and fun. I hope you guys can polish it up and make it great.

Oh and why why whyyyy did you have to nerf enduring cry into the ground? You literally have to stand in the middle of a pack for it to generate charges now. Was it the left click instant warcry cheese? Feels really bad to be melee with actual investment into endurance charges now.
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