[3.12] Hexblast IGNITE Trickster | Laser from the Sky, Chaos Ignites! | Hybrid or CI.

Well I am up to 2.1kk~ Shaper/Sirius dps now.


I can get almost 3kk by switching out my shield to my other scepter I have in my stash.

I am facing a bit of a dilemma here with trying to scale further. Looks like I'll have to switch over to ES/CI only here soon if I want to scale with more cluster jewels.

Right now clearing maps is pretty easy. Clearing bosses is a bit harder. My defenses still feel a bit lackluster and so does my DPS on the major bosses. Especially any boss without adds I can blast to keep up my flasks. While I have been beating some of them, they are longer fights than I want them be and any screw up on my part leads to a 1 shot :(
The thing I like about this build is that you can get chaos res capped too and you just feel really tanky in general.


I couldnt find a better large cluster jewel than one with +4% chaos per node, and Sadist + Burning bright

I -assume- Sadist is really good for us since our chaos damage can chill/shock/ignite, effectively giving 0-60% elemental damage.

SuckLord3000 wrote:

I -assume- Sadist is really good for us since our chaos damage can chill/shock/ignite, effectively giving 0-60% elemental damage.

Can. But doesn't unless you stack Chance To X or crit.
So what is the optimal gear for this build? I feel like I have a decent set up, I'm sure that there's some pieces I could add, but I haven't played much since first release so I'm not familiar with ALOT of the gear in the game.
I’m playing on Xbox. I really like this build but targeted skills like curses suck on console. I’ve tried running Flammability with Blasphemy but it doesn’t give me the range I need.

Is there another way of cursing mobs, closer to the edge of the screen?

By the way - Hexblast is very much like the evil version of Fist of the Heavens in Diablo 2. I think that’s the main reason I’m attracted to this skill.
The new ring looks good for this spec doesn't it? Perma wither on mobs? And ignite becomes chaos damage?
this is the first thing i thought of when i saw that ring. seems very good. 50% reduced duration kinda hurts tho, but eh can always reapply
I was wondering this too. But does Elemental Equilibrium work with hexblast if the enemies take fire damage as chaos? I think Elemental Overload will work because I think that is calculated before the enemy takes damage. You still deal fire damage. The enemies just take it as chaos instead. I don't think EE will work though because chaos isn't a element.

Edit: Although wither might make up the loss in damage from not having EE.
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Looking at everything I think actually adding Blackflame would do extremely well for this build. Adding Withering step (increased duration - increase area of effect support gems) for mobs and Wither (spell totem - multiple totems - increased duration support gems) for bosses, you would cover the losses of EE without really changing anything. Maybe even exceed it. You would have an extra skill point (no ee). And gain the Elusive buff. The only really big difference is putting down totems when facing a boss and click an extra skill occasionally when Withering Step ends.
I'm also looking at using our new pretty ring, but I'm working on a occultist version of this.

What I need to work out is if scaling both fire damage over time AND chaos over time will work.

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