Path of Exile: Heist Gem Information

...Does Hexproof still block the Mark curses, or just Hexes now? Might need to rename it.
I like the new format, thanks for the post Bex.
NaarJitsu wrote:
Oh man, I think this will be the first league I deviate from just one char to Theorycraft Cracka Lance builds with either Self-Cast, Totems, or Mines.


Intensify doesn't work with totems or mines so I would be surprised if Lance's built in intensify works with them.
mehhh , lets hope heist mechanic is more exciting than the new/reworked gems.
Yay: Elemental Penetration Support!

The thing my planned build was missing.
Did Blasphemy Support not get any changes? I would think it would at least get wording changes to make it only work with hexes, not marks.
Elemental penetration huh? Ninja that one in after the patch notes were written?

Guess my strap on witch is going to have even higher penetration!
the new color coded format is baller 10/10 would read again
Pniz wrote:
What is the maximum Doom tho?

with no modifiers, 30

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