Path of Exile: Heist Gem Information

doubledilly wrote:

This makes me sad I spent 5 hours theory crafting my GC miner


As i said before, if u position your GC correct, you have 200% more damage, so its higher then before
Looking good GGG, this is shaping up to be the best league ever, I cant wait.
It'll be interesting to see what some of these gems do to EDPS
Pniz wrote:
What is the maximum Doom tho?

IGN : Reamus
Pniz wrote:
What is the maximum Doom tho?

thats what im wondering too
Urgh, this league is 10 Doom'd to fail.

To much bloat, to many nerf's, no harvest crafting, replica Alc shardss.

The game has becoming tiresome.
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
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Oh man, I think this will be the first league I deviate from just one char to Theorycraft Cracka Lance builds with either Self-Cast, Totems, or Mines.

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Why no information for Blasphemy Support?
So... how much ES does Frost Shield drain? As much as it gains "life"? Or is it a % of your total? How does it work?

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