Path of Exile: Heist Gem Information

I had real hopes for the crackling lance and they do this. It is literally arc, with different/worse aoe and comparable single target.
How can they give a skill mechanic for scaling single target damage and then make this damage end up at the level of arc..

Well, got to decide on one of the standard league starters, I guess
Still missing alot of Gem info please Update GGG.

We need the buffed Gem damage infos for Discharge lvl 21 and higher

We need the detailed Steel Gem Infos ( tags / dps / etc. )
Does Lancing Steel now have a Duration Tag ?

Cant find any single info to Call of Steel Gem yet and league starts in 20hours.

Really Sloppy.
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eyCoco wrote:

I think you forgot to add the Call of Steel skill, to any of your lists.

Nvm I found it "Every Steel skill grants Call of Steel as well"...

Call of steel is supposed to deal damage, but we have no idea how much. It also looks to have a cast time or attack speed, but we don't know the duration or type. They gave us gross functions of the skill but not its specific details.
hex are just curse and if you don't use hexblast and such doom is irrelevant to you.
ImPump wrote:
ty ggg


I mean Crackling Lance literally looks like Divine Ire cwc Arc. xD

Except Divine Ire does WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more damage from the beam.

Divine Ire 20 stages, every stage 100% MORE damage.
Took around 1 second to charge to 20 stage for end game build.
It's not even comparable cuz Crackling Lance is literally just an inferior arc with similar damage, worse aoe, and more restriction.
ggg i love you gg ez
To help you plan your builds even further, we've prepared gem data

And then we don't release them. Got you!
I was thinking "damn, that black hole thing is COOL!!"

and then, "10 sec cooldown"


What. And then I realize the Sigil also have cooldown.

I guess GGG is trying to slow down the game, but when you have tons of other skills that plays significantly faster, then have these skills with long cooldown, it just makes for a really strange situation.

My excitement of playing new league literally went from 95 to -5...

If Void Sphere is a CHANNELING SKILL instead, that would be hella lot more fun to play.


For Hexblast, I not entirely sure if this is a good clearing skill.
Mainly because we need to specifically target one hexed enemy to actually trigger it. Target the wrong mob or not clicking on the mob will not trigger Hexblast. So overall it just feels kinda weird to play.
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