3.11.2b Patch Notes

Daiena wrote:
Melanholic7 wrote:
but what about perfomance fixes?:(

Cant fix a bad/broken PC with a patch.

But you can make it worse, makes sence.
Two crashes to desktop since patch. Playing a couple of hours this morning.
Needless to say I didn't crash before.
3.11.2 have destroyed the performance of the game for me. Had 0 problems before the patch even with 1000 mobs around fps didn't drop, now constant lag spikes and 3-4 sec screen freezes when pack of mobs spawns(conqueror mobs and legion mono). Haven't died in 300+ T16 rare corrupted maps before the patch, after the patch I enter a map screen freeze and dead at lvl 99 and then again. It's unplayable. WTF have you done. This is exactly the same as the patch after metamorph. You are destroying the performance of your own game with this garbage patches and def. you broke something again.
Loading times are abit better for me on an hybrid drive, loading into game and into hideouts etc.. but fps drop is worse now when the screen is busy.
Come on. Even if you remove Harvest (which was a blast!!!) and screw us again with 0.0000001% chance gambling, you cannot seriously remove our harvest infrastructure and items. i want to keep them forever in a stash tab to look onto them to remember when poe was FOR ONCE a crafting game for everybody.

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I just heard whirlwind got nerfed?

is it really bad, like unplayable bad?

I ask as I just returned to the game, planned on making a whirlwind build and spent a lot on skins to make it look nice.

I don't care if it maybe dropped off from "god" tier or something, but it will suck if it's now unplayable.

Again, I've been away for a long time, I do not know the extent things are nerfed here, and even if this is true or not.

I just thought I'd get in and ask, as if it is unplayable, I might be able to get a refund on the skins I bought, and then choose more carefully.
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I assume you mean cyclone when you say whirlwind. Very slightly they only removed the stun immunity. Maybe something else will happen but idts well have to see patch notes.
To your having preformance problemer maybe this will help.

After 3.11.2 update try and delete "ShaderCacheD3D11" and/or "ShaderCacheVulkan" (Or what the name is). I deleted them and have on problems, runs 70-100 FPS with Vulkan (I'm on AMD so D3D11 I keep away from)

nVidia need to check in Steam "steamapps\shadercache\233860\nvidiav1\"

"DXVK_state_cache" is in "steamapps\shadercache\233860", I don't know if it Linux?

I hope it will work ;)
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My game started having lag spikes all the time after the hotfix
I want to keep my flowers. Delete all the horticrafting stations if you wish to. But what problem or abuse should happen by leaving the flowers in the stashes? It#s not even a storage problem since I only had about a dozen left.

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