3.11.2b Patch Notes

3.11.2b Patch Notes

  • You can now create Private Leagues for Heist, ahead of the league's launch on September 18. These leagues will not begin until Heist launches.
  • Harvest characters will soon be migrated to their respective parent leagues. The Sacred Grove and its contents have been removed. Harvest Infrastructure and Seeds outside of The Sacred Grove will be removed at a later date.
  • Fixed a bug where audio could become muffled when some monsters based on player characters died.
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Vem ni mim meus Crafts do Harvest AHUAHUAHUAHUAHUAHUAHUAHU
Is this the first time league-specific items will be acutally destroyed? They didn't even delete leaguestones after Legacy league which was confirmed to not have a comeback iirc.
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( •_•)>⌐■-■
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Goodbye Harvest, I wish you would never end, but I suppose it's time, it was fun until it lasted.
It's been a blast!
I'm interested in hearing why these items can be deleted but others couldn't be.

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