3.11.2b Patch Notes

cant w8 for patch note and start
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I've noticed muffled sound in some Harvest boss fights (T4 seeds, at least the blue birb one). Was that intended or a bug, and in the latter case, does it affect anything outside Harvest?
Fixed a bug where audio could become muffled when some monsters based on player characters died.

THAT'S what that was about. I thought it was a Warbands unique flavor ability or something.
Awakened Combustion Support when?
but what about perfomance fixes?:(
Deleting my seeds and infrastructure would break my heart. So many Hortis. So, so many Hortis. Please don't do it. Not like this :(
So the couple of cool unique items I picked up in Harvest are gone?!?
Well, damn. Was hoping to keep in the collection...
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Please GGG. I was hoping to keep them in my collection.
Nice quick download on steam finally!
Melanholic7 wrote:
but what about perfomance fixes?:(

Cant fix a bad/broken PC with a patch.
No rest for the wicked.

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