3.11.2 Technical Patch

Great I have to re-download the entire game over my mobile hotspot connection? AWESOME. Can't wait! I'll just put these harvest crafts on hold till next league.

Oh, wait...
Thank you, this is big news!
This will be a welcome change
Improvements to the game in terms of software quality are always welcome, thank you so much!
thanks... that will only costs me all of my data i have for month!
Love u guys.

I am pretty sure i will be downloading it for whole week.
And since nobody is testing anything, after I finally download it, GGG will deploy patch that fixes all new crashes. And that patch will have 2GB+.

But I wont be able to play since downloading 30+GBs of game will screw me over, considering its in first week of new month.

Why not deploy it with patch AFTER harvest ends?
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Any chance we could see poe on more platforms than just epic? I'd be mildly interested in seeing it on GOG.

I make frequent use of GOG galaxy as it has a very powerful and open source library feature that allows for in depth linking to other game store launchers.
Bex_GGG wrote:
...After a decade of our current technique, we're changing how Path of Exile stores its internal data files. The technical specifics of this are irrelevant to the playerbase...

Uumm... Is it really irrelevant though? I think it's interesting to hear the more complicated minutia about these things. I used to love when Jonathan would explain these things more in-depth to us in his posts so we know what's going on at the bare bones level more. I have not seen Jonathan post anything on the forums for a long time, then again he's probably very busy, so it's understandable.

Bex_GGG wrote:
... Audio Re-export. In a similar way, we have also re-exported all of our audio files using the most recent version of the audio library we use. Normally this would be a luxury that we couldn't justify (as it'd result in a large patch), but if we're redownloading everything anyway then we'll take the free improvements to audio...

Does this mean that having sound turned on in-game won't cause fps decrease anymore in terms of the server having to register every single sound or no? Because I know some users, like CuteDog_ for example play the game with sound completely turned off from the source code just for more fps. If anyone knows or can test this after the patch and report back, I would appreciate it.
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You mean every time a patch comes out I won’t have to wonder why I play on Steam!? Everything else is small frys compared to that.
This by far sounds like the best update ever. I'm more excited about this update than Heist even.
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