3.11.2 Technical Patch

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I'm sad to report that my game now runs worse than before, to the point it's almost unplayable. Which is something that didn't happen for me in 7 years (upgraded 3 years ago). In DX11 my screen freezes for seconds in random maps. With Vulkan there are less long freezes but way more small freezes.

Texture loading problems are still the same, if not worse. I'm looking at a screen with almost no textures loaded for seconds every new zone.

For me DX11 was really working great (or good enough for me) when Vulkan option was introduced, now it's way worse than before. My character died 15 times up to level 95, now I died 6 times to freezes in 3 maps. I guess you made the decision for me to skip Heist :(
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Looking forward to the Mac client! :)
FPS regularly dropping to 0 even on ledge.
DX or Vulkan, same issue.
SFX set to false.

The game just runs like crap since the update.

I've deleted all shader cache.

GTX 1070

Never had issues before this.


The game also crashes the second you try to import a hideout.
so there is no mac version still?
Please get the problems fixed soon! some of us won't be able to play heist until they are fixed.
yeah performance has been pretty terrible since the update. any delirium encounter is pretty much unplayable for me. was fine before the update.
"Faster Patching" <3

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