3.11.2 Technical Patch

Works wonderfully for me. Servers are not overloaded now, of course, but loading times are excellent.
great news... tyvm
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It take more time to load maps, and now when i finish 1 map and go to hideout i get dc for the long time of load. This patch broke poe for me.
The game crashes on start using Steam for Linux and Proton.

Report I made with Valve: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/issues/4188
I played a map with vulcan. I played a map with DX. In both cases totaly playable for me. I5-3570K, 16gb, GeForce GTX 1060 3gb, SSD intel 910 PCI-e card. My settings are lowish and disabled dynamic culling and disabled dynamic resolution. Sounds enabled.
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This patch was supposed to improve performance, but somehow it's worse for me. Some load screens are very noticeably slower (playing on an SSD), and league content loading in (Legion, Delirium, etc.) creates bad stutters and freezes even worse than before the patch. There's also weird uncolored textures popping up randomly. The sound seems to be better but it still distorts and cuts out when using a skill with a lot of bass-heavy explosions like Earthshatter. Hope you guys can fix some of these problems before Heist launch.
23gb patch finally done after 7 days of crashing and not being able to download in one go, and now my game wont even start. It takes 5 minutes to start it on ssd. When i enter the game fps is 0-10, huge lags, screen tears apart, can't move, can't type in chat, game even freeze. Ye, I can't play with that. Before patch i had 60fps easily with all settings on max.
All drivers updated, pretty much the only thing I have on ssd is poe and windows.

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5

Hopefully we can get some patch to fix it before heist, otherwise i wont play and I wont like that. Been playing each league since forever, really love poe.
just loaded up for the first time since re-downloading.
game loaded almost instantly to login screen, and everything loaded at LEAST 5 times faster after character select.
thank you again GGG. thank you very much.
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Tbh, didn't really see any improvement on loading, micro stutter and freeze still happen here and there when enemies popup or open strongbox etc.
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it is updating again 23.48 gb. is it normal?? ive already had this update when patch was released

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