3.11.2 Technical Patch

Great news. Hopefully the game runs better, I've been playing on average with VD on 30 fps and lower this whole league.
thanks. i hope it fixes and improves lots of things.
I'd seriously love you guys getting into more technical details about this, i'm a junior dev and i'd love it !

Good idea rolling this before Heist league to get bugs out of the way for launch, keep up the good work GGG ! <3

Edit : also, i'm playing on vulkan on manjaro linux, i hope this brings some improvements to the framerates as it's been quite terrible lately :-(
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This is really bad for those of us with low bandwidth limits unfortunately :(
Time to go back to Steam i guess.
Will the new textures remove the inherent blur they have? I need to use a post-process sharpener to remove it. Example https://imgsli.com/NzEzMQ
Where do I sign in to be one of the testers on MacOS?
My low internet connection didn't like the idea of full redownloading the game
thats fine i uninstalled the game when i saw heist anyway and am not installing it until its playable on the week 3 patch anyways
No one cares about standard. It's literally a recycle bin, just press empty.

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