3.11.2 Technical Patch

"After a decade of our current technique, we're changing how Path of Exile ..."

Hi, will there be pre-patch download or will the patch be on Friday?
Can we get a torrent for this? It's not like i don't like direct distribution through the client, nor that it would be much of a problem with my 500Mbit line, I still prefer it.
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Ty for scam <3
This definitely sounds like a major step in taking PoE to a next level. PoE is best ARPG on the market, which is proved by its longevity and popularity but this also means that the game core is old and sorely in need of upgrades. I'm hoping that all works fine and the game will improve in all announced aspects.
Will the torrent before a league release still be useful or is it now largely redundant ?

Looks good!
Well... thx, I hate to download the game once again, but if I can finally move to steam I would love it in the end!
Btw you should be more specific to announce the time... had to ask around to find out it's happening on Friday... at least now I already bked up the stand alon in case you roll it earlier then expected
Zsno wrote:
is it better to uninstall then install to only get the new files or is the patch going to clean the whole folder?

I woul like to know how to aproach this aswell, do we uninstall fully now, and then redownload the game once the patch is out.

Or is it irrelevant ?
I'm actually hyped!
Thanks for tuning into the community and working on improving!
good news. finally.

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