Preview of Upcoming Supporter Packs

lol damn, rampage character effects are neat^^
i am my own cockblock
Rampage now only has cosmetic effects! :D
I like it. Would prefer more weapon skins though. Sooooo many armor sets/portals already and can only put on one anyway.
But do we need to pay triple the price? one for each stage??? If not i won't buy it
Interesting. I agree with some that have mentioned auras and the like. Being able to use this as a general mtx to augment them would be kinda fun.

It's completely optional. your point is mute. For people worried about clarity, they DONT wear it, or dont buy it.

So no, my point is not "mute". Please educate yourself on why feedback exists in the first place. We all want a better game :)

Educate yourself on proper feedback.

If we are going to start educating ourselves, how about we start with actual education.

mute != moot.
100% new angel wings coming!!!
Might actually buy new supp packs.....ah still banned sadly...cant do that...
Increased duration gem lvl 24 and all result for the character effect incoming.
@execreth - @eledhyr - @arthasspaw - @edherisctf - @douchebagontheway_hd

Couple of days ? The other day you said Tuesday
I would like to see that character effect on 36 challenges, this time.

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