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An aura similar to the rage effect would be easer on the eyes and look better/less disruptive than these on-ya-face roatating feathers.

So rampage without the rampage?
its a good one , gj
I like the idea.
Last edited by Mortanious on Aug 31, 2020, 3:07:41 AM
kira1414 wrote:
I would love to see a fire up Super Saiyan character effect that grow in intensity as you kill monsters. That will be so sick!

I want this!!!!!!
After the release of this character effects, will the older one get to have the same visuals?

I am a big fan of stigian and dragon hunter skins and i would really like if the flames for both skins will bet more intense or have different visuals in the same note that these new character effects will.

Any chance of that happening?
Any reply regarding the question is aprecieted. Thank you!
Portal plz
This is the best game of My Whole Life.

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