Preview of Upcoming Supporter Packs

I cannot describe how amazing the music is. To me, it has a rustic and yet mysterious feel.
ok take my money to add them all including the music
davoodinator wrote:
this looks like a new outfit too

is that mtx or just some new armour graphics

Actually a bit old armour graphics, from all the way back in prophecy to be fair :p
Would have liked to see more.

These are money makers - let's see them in their full glory!
I like the static aura effects more. The number of effects on screen is getting a little crazy already. :(
yes, give me more!!!!
Shuddup and take my money
I like the idea behind it but quite frankly, this char effect is mediocre at best. Almost a copy of the Faith Guard char effect. Lately supporter packs have been pretty meh. Especially the Harvest one.

Not sure why people are so excited about it.
daaaam dude
tame to start

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