In just a couple of days we'll be announcing our September expansion! Alongside the announcement we'll also introduce a new set of league supporter packs. In addition to their usual content, these supporter packs will contain a new type of Character Effect which we've wanted to try out for a long time.

These character effects start with a minimal visual effect which charges up as you slay monsters. There are six visual phases until it's at its full glorious effect. After a short time without killing monsters, it will phase back down to its original look.

We've prepared a preview of one of them today. Watch the video below!

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Grinding Gear Games
Laughs in Headhunter
Tease me please me
Holy shit Kamil, how do you do it
Blue Fireball and Scorching Ray MTX to match the yellow DBZ character effect?
as you slay monsters

hopefully it also works on oriath citizens
And you thought delirium was giving you bad feeling for stopping to loot...

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