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The concept of having a MTX with stages is kind of cool. But the MTX is pretty bad TBH.
this is pretty underwhelming compared to the idea man, i was expecting something similar to amulet apparition animation as you build up kill strikes, not more little circles of same (sorry but) ugly things around me. im pretty sure GGG is planning to charge extra for this MTX and i hope they make it worthwhile, othierwise i won't hit this mtx, my apologies GGG, i love what you're doing, idea itself is cool but practice fails in my eyes.
Conceptually cool, but the VFX/scaling seems underwhelming and unexciting. It doesn't help that the visuals resemble charge counters which leaves the feeling that this could've been a future charge counters MTX. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the pack contents.
Cool. Looking forward to the new packs and league.
Show me more!
Take my money. RIGHT NOW
This music.... GGG, why you do dis to me...
Something something SSGSSJ8 Final Ultra Perfect Gut Form Instinct something something please. Please.
0 money GGG, for what you do with game.

And this efect? Next yelow shiny s**t where cannot see character ...
CalmWind69 wrote:
Take my money. RIGHT NOW

yes, i'll take it. gib monies.

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