What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

kelabukelala wrote:
DimeGod wrote:

Pretty much sums up my league experience also...

If you didn't play the game 8+ hours a day, no chance you could even see 50% of the content. didn't even encounter one of the 3 sub bosses and I can forget about Heart of the Grove...

GGG, make content a bit more accessible...?

what do you mean, i have full time job and play 3-4 hrs a day. Look at my challenge completion

I concur. This was one of the most accessible leagues I've ever been in. If you can't make it to T4 seeds from the thousands you get just from mapping... I don't know how to even comprehend that.
hopefully this next supporter pack is next level, I bought the benevolence supporter pack then ended up regretting it because the wings are kinda massive lol, (come to realize I like cloaks a little better then wings....except the demon wings cuz I've always had a love for all things demonic or sinister for whatever reason). Feel like they could be much better then they have been recently. Imo they should outshine whats sold in the normal store but idk that's just my opinion though. Either way I hope they look amazing cuz I'm apparently a slave to good mtx.......
Have to be honest I hope it's a step forward for POE. Obscure and confusing mechanics does not make a game better. RNG does not make the game harder just frustrating. I love POE but if it is another timed obscure mechanic I might just pack it in for this game. I truly think you need to think is this "fun" rather than is this hardcore and obscure enough to be loved by the streamers.
Please, get a fucking grip this time. I've never made this long of a break from Path of Exile as I did since Harvest.
GGG: we're really hyped about our new expansion ourselves, please be so as well.

Comment section: you're taking our harvest toys away, reeeee

That's kinda new.

They are taking the toys away with the only guarantee that the new league will in fact not provide anything similar in terms of crafting and thus item accessibility. So yea, reeeee i guess.
waiting for LOOT 2.0 expension or Uniques 2.0 and designed league for it
bcoz game loot system 98% bad
most of uniques maybe 75% bad

i want to play this game for HUNT and LOOT and trade
not like craft and leveling only
I don't care what the league is as long as the mechanic is fun and you don't have to do some micromanagement bullshit like the garden.
announceemnt of announcement hype :D
Kylee310 wrote:
While I agree that Harvest crafts are too powerful and it boosted some build into god power tier. It needs to be balance/tone down, but simply toss it on aside is not a solution either. Harvest gave us a taste of what good deterministic crafting look like, and now you want to toss us back into the abyss of "slot machine" crafting. Since GGG is not going to help make my life easier, I'm not going to support them either. I'm not rage quitting, I simply refuse to spend another penny on the game until I'm seeing something worth supporting. I'm riding FREEBIE from now on.

Not giving them anymore money? Your whole $20? Oh noes! Good thing there are others that spend thousands to support and procure the success of the company, so you have an existing game to play for free. Nice badge. Deterministic crafting is never nice. It makes all other versions of crafting via ring useless.
SSF, because Path of Trade RMTers and bots suck.

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