What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

cant w8 but pls polish and double check balance before release <3

and stay safe
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No further delays pls, besides, what would further delays mean for the december league launch ?!

PsOfOs wrote:
vio wrote:
toyomatt84 wrote:

If you can't make it to T4 seeds from the thousands you get just from mapping... I don't know how to even comprehend that.

what "thousands of seeds you get from mapping"?

if you play in a party of 2 you get 10 seeds every 2 maps.

i did play 10 to 12 maps every second evenning with friends (sometimes none when we were delving), that's around 20 to 25 seeds per day for me.

some people think everyone plays 6 hours/day at least.
Unfortunately the game is balanced this way.

That´s the real problem.

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