What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

Nice, this sounds awesome! Can't wait for the release :)
Cant w8! Harvest wasnt realy my cup of tea, felt like playing with cheat codes and kinda devalued everything for me.
Hope 3.12 got some nice challenging Endgame content :D
It's gotta be better than the last league, if not, that's going to suck balls!
So, Harvest isn't going to standard? If not, what happens to all those OP items that were crafted during this time? Will they be removed from the game? I couldn't imagine what the community will say or do if this is true. I guess I would scoff at it lol.
Harvest core. Now.
I enjoyed this league a lot, crafted some decent mono elements weapons and tons of good cluster jewels to move to standard, and im an inch from getting the 36 challenges for my first time
my only wish right now would be for GGG to release a cool blue/purple supported pack, this season was all red/black and /gold/white/silver in both packs and boxes, nothing that we could combine with the harvest prizes
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what about flashback ?
toyomatt84 wrote:
The only news worth reading...

Update: We're actually going to make the bulk of Harvest crafting core!

If only C.W. knew what the bulk of his fanbase actually wants. Sigh... I guess one can dream.

Innomen wrote:
dachoppa wrote:
you mean the bulk of the player base that left the league so quickly that the player numbers fell into a black hole?

Well maybe if it didn't take 40 fucking hours to get to maps, or those hours were fun and not a chore, more people would have stayed and made a second character.

I have little hope of any substantive improvements. Trade/crafting will still be streamer balanced, rushing will be effectively a non-thing, etc etc etc.

My guild was empty almost from the start, no one wanted to grow a garden.

What? Maps is like day 2 lol. What are you smoking
Добавьте жатву в кор. И можете не выпуска 3.12

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