We're back with our fourth and final Harvest League statistics post. Today we'll be taking a look at which uniques are most-used by players across different level brackets and game modes, as well as which maps are the most popular, and which areas players are dying in the most!

First, let's look at Harvest itself. We'll look at level 70+, level 90+ and all levels of characters.

All Levels70+ 90+
Tabula RasaThread of HopeThread of Hope
Thread of HopeWatcher's EyeWatcher's Eye
Watcher's EyeAtziri's PromisePrimordial Harmony
Atziri's PromiseLion's RoarRumi's Concoction
Lion's RoarPrimordial HarmonyAtziri's Promise
Primordial HarmonyRumi's ConcoctionCinderswallow Urn
GoldrimThe Wise OakLion's Roar
WanderlustTabula RasaThe Wise Oak
The Wise OakCinderswallow UrnPrimordial Eminence
Rumi's ConcoctionPrimordial EminenceGlorious Vanity

Looking at All Levels, we can see multiple uniques that are generally considered to be "leveling unique items" in Goldrim and Wanderlust. What's interesting here is how popular Thread of Hope is. The Harvest update introduced Glancing Blows as a keystone on the passive tree, which just so happens to be in a great position to take advantage of a "Very Large Ring" Thread of Hope!

In the level 70+ bracket, Tabula Rasa starts declining drastically in popularity, as players transition away from their leveling gear and into stronger choices. Two Primordial jewels show up here, displaying the popularity of Golem builds.

Finally, in the level 90+ bracket, we see Tabula Rasa has dropped out of the picture entirely, with Glorious Vanity being a newcomer to the fold. Thread of Hope reigns supreme as the most popular choice, while there is very little fluctuation among the rest of the uniques.

Next, let's take a look at Harvest Hardcore. Here, we'll mainly be comparing how the Hardcore choices look relative to the Standard choices.

All Levels70+ 90+
Tabula RasaTabula RasaThread of Hope
WanderlustThread of HopeGlorious Vanity
GoldrimLion's RoarWatcher's Eye
LifesprigSpreading RotRumi's Concoction
BlackheartRumi's ConcoctionSpreading Rot
Karui WardLioneye's RemorsePrimordial Harmony
Kaom's SignConqueror's EfficiencyLion's Roar
Lochtonial CaressThe Jinxed JujuForbidden Taste
Araku TikiWitchfire BrewThe Jinxed Juju
Survival InstinctsCrown of the Inward EyeCrown of the Inward Eye

One key difference that is immediately observable when looking at the All Levels bracket is how almost all of these uniques are squarely in the "leveling unique items" bracket. This is significantly different from Standard, where many of the unique items were certainly not your typical leveling uniques.

In the level 70+ bracket, Thread of Hope once again makes an appearance, one notch below Tabula Rasa. Given the difficulty of obtaining this jewel, it's reasonable to expect its use to be lower given there will likely be reduced availability, yet it is quite popular! Notable newcomers include Spreading Rot, Lioneye's Remorse, and Witchfire Brew, with two of those uniques being very useful to Essence Drain / Blight builds.

In the level 90+ bracket, we see Forbidden Taste coming into the picture. This flask is extremely useful for characters with very large life pools, allowing for instantaneous life recovery when it is most needed. Worthy mentions in this bracket are The Jinxed Juju (a commonly used unique in Spectre builds) as well as Crown of the Inward Eye, both of which do not show up in Standard.

Let's move on from trade leagues and take a look at how unique usage varies when players have to find their own uniques, starting with Harvest SSF Standard.

All Levels70+ 90+
Tabula RasaTabula RasaThread of Hope
WanderlustSpreading RotAtziri's Promise
Spreading RotAtziri's PromiseRumi's Concoction
GoldrimThread of HopeCinderswallow Urn
Assassin's HasteConqueror's EfficiencySpreading Rot
Survival InstinctsRumi's ConcoctionLion's Roar
Survival SecretsLion's RoarTabula Rasa
Atziri's PromiseAssassin's HasteCrown of the Inward Eye
Karui WardCinderswallow UrnThe Wise Oak
BlackheartThe Wise OakVictario's Charity

One of the first things that you can see when going down the All Levels bracket is that Spreading Rot is quite popular. You'll recall that this didn't show up in non-SSF Harvest Standard, but likely shows up in SSF given that this is a quest reward in Act 5, therefore players can reliably make Essence Drain / Blight builds. We see a trio of quest reward jewels in Assassin's Haste, Survival Instincts and Survival Secrets here as well, with players making do with the readily-available options.

In the level 70+ bracket, Tabula Rasa and Spreading Rot remain very popular choices, as is expected. Impressively, Thread of Hope is relatively popular even in SSF leagues!

As we tighten things up by looking at the level 90+ bracket, one key difference is that Tabula Rasa actually sticks around, where in trade leagues, it was nowhere to be seen. This isn't overly surprising given the increased difficulty of obtaining a six-link when you can't trade, but interesting nonetheless. We do see Victario's Charity for the first time, suggesting that Minion builds are a popular choice in SSF leagues.

Finally, to wrap up unique statistics, we'll take a look at Harvest SSF Hardcore.

All Levels70+ 90+
Tabula RasaTabula RasaSpreading Rot
WanderlustSpreading RotThread of Hope
BlackheartLioneye's RemorseLioneye's Remorse
GoldrimLion's RoarTabula Rasa
Karui WardThread of HopeRumi's Concoction
LifesprigBated BreathLion's Roar
Araku TikiConqueror's EfficiencyGlorious Vanity
Kaom's SignFirst SnowForbidden Taste
Spreading RotBelt of the DeceiverSoul Tether
Lochtonial CaressRumi's ConcoctionBated Breath

We'll begin by looking at All Levels. If you recall the Harvest Hardcore stats, you'll note that the entirety of this list is identical with one exception; Spreading Rot shows up in place of Survival Instincts, another nod towards the reliability of Essence Drain / Blight builds.

In the level 70+ bracket, we see Bated Breath, First Snow and Belt of the Deceiver as newcomers. Bated Breath slots into any Energy Shield build quite well, while Belt of the Deceiver is a fantastic unique belt for life-based characters, providing ever-important life and resistances. First Snow is specific to Freezing Pulse builds, which is rather unexpected to see as one of the most popular choices, though given that this is also a quest reward and has a limit of two, it might explain its popularity.

Finally, in the level 90+ bracket, we don't see Watcher's Eye at all, where it was also missing in Harvest Standard as well. It's certainly a very powerful option, suggesting that acquisition of Watcher's Eyes is relatively difficult (both in terms of rarity and perhaps also encounter difficulty). The final newcomer here is Soul Tether, a relatively rare unique belt which allows Life Leech effects to not be removed when you reach Full Life.

Let's now take a look at the top 10 maps run.

  • Glacier
  • Tropical Island
  • Promenade
  • Lookout
  • Desert
  • Strand
  • Burial Chambers
  • Shore
  • Toxic Sewer
  • Chateau

We actually have a decent mix of "straight line" and "open" layouts in this set of data. Four of the top five most run maps are Tier 1 maps, though we do see Promenade, a Tier 16 map, as the third most run map; this is likely in part thanks to how reliably obtainable it is thanks to Orbs of Horizons. Notably, Burial Chambers is less popular than it's been in the past. We have an Atlas shuffle coming up in the 3.12.0 update, so it will be interesting to see how this shakes up in three months time!

To wrap this all up, let's take a look at the most deadly areas.

  • Azurite Mine
  • Eye of the Storm
  • The Cavern of Anger
  • The Harvest
  • The Rotting Core
  • The Chamber of Innocence
  • The Feeding Trough
  • The Belly of the Beast Level 2
  • The Upper Sceptre of God
  • The Karui Fortress

The Azurite Mine remains the most deadly area in the entire game, both thanks to how much time can be spent in the mine as well as the ever-increasing difficulty of encounters. Following that, we see that Sirus, Awakener of Worlds continues to claim plenty of victims (though unique statistics previously mentioned show that Sirus is also being killed quite a bit). The rest of the areas are all campaign areas, demonstrating the ruthlessness of many of the campaign bosses. Merveil (Act 1), Dominus (Act 3), Malachai (Act 4) and Innocence (Act 5) all appear to be difficult obstacles for some players, aided by how weak most players' gear is at this early point in the game. As is expected, Kitava (Act 10), the final hurdle before we own your soul, proves to be a commendable challenge.

That wraps up this fourth and final statistics post for the Harvest leagues. We hope that you've enjoyed this series and we look forward to watching how things unfold in our 3.12.0 update, which we'll have plenty of info and teasers for over the next few weeks!
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If characters have two copies of the jewels are you counting them twice?
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thanks for writing this up Natalia. I like your style :)
The Cavern of Anger is silly. Imagine new players facing that boss, it is even tanky with full twink gear and only dmg nodes lol
suggesting that Minion builds are a popular choice in SSF leagues.

No kidding, LUL
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"the final hurdle before we own your soul,"

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Kitava (Act 10), the final hurdle before we own your soul

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Well the typical golem build stacks 12+ Primordial jewels - no wonder they are up there...

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