Read my name of this thread (before you click on it).

That's for those who are too "sensitive". Now, for the rest who've benefit from my past choices of choosing to "socialize" this will be most likely one of my last, as I'm not gaining but only losing doing this, yes that's right. There is a good reason why these forums are not used by many "popular" figures within the community both from twitch as well as within GGG, and the simple answer for that is because if someone does want your money, or should I say to milk you as much as possible, they are better off to avoid socializing (interacting) with you.

The more one chooses to interact with another the more conflicting opinions and "differences" arise that cause a rift or should I say a tension, which is why most of you have no issues going out there and buying things from stores, because you don't know the owners, their opinions, beliefs, what they stand for, lifestyle, etc.

Same goes with Twitch, which is kinda sad, because the more one choose to "interact" with streamers the greater the chance of a ban, both viewers and streamers alike from Twitch, so at the end if one does want to "socialize" freely and make the most out of these streamers its best to use random accounts, while if they are truly interested to support someone to do it on one main account, where they just donate/sub and that's it.

Streamers at the end decide as well based on how much support they've received from someone what and how far they can tolerate (accept) certain things, which is why I am sure by now you are aware exactly why one particular and occasional PoE streamers has significantly more views and revenue that most of the rest combined.

Anyways, I am here about this game and to discuss some things about it based on where its at and where it could go. Right now Path of Exile pretty much controls only one market and that is the ARPG players, but specifically those who are newer to gaming. The game over the many years whatever resources its used this is the product, and what has this product accomplished?

The biggest issues IMO the game currently has (in no particular order)

1. Six seconds seeing your character be helpless after losing a connection. The game will never be seen as a truly "competitive" until this design persist and without any support. In a perma death, time based event regardless if it lasts weeks or months in order for individuals to continue having a stable connection their internet connection, computer, and power (electricity) must be consistently stable, something that's pretty much not possible. Reducing the disconnect time to around 3 seconds from 6 would significantly improve this.

2. When most can do something then its harder to separate from the rest, which is why the difficulty or should I say the way the game is designed has to be looked at. Bosses are predictable for starters, they are not behaving like an A.I or a human where they are adapting and adjusting to player behavior. Further, with the info available like Sirus as best example, once the boss mechanics become more known, the players easily counter them (corrupted blood, ailment immunity, block).
As long as the game has these type of "theme parks" it will never reach its potential because it simply doesn't give potential for others to do much more from the rest.

3. There is no "bank" playing "competitive" games if they are not rewarding. Example, upcoming Gauntlent event, what will be 2000+ players with over $10,000 british pounds, where the top two players receive 50% of the prize, while the other five receive 35%, 10 players out of 2000, do you know how pathetic that is on paper? It further reveals how weak the state of the game is when it lacks to be taken more seriously. I for example can gain easily $300-500 a day doing other things I enjoy doing, which is a further example why there is so many "casuals" out there.

4. Games based on their designs can evolve in different directions, some can become competitive, others can become about interacting ( socializing in an open, persistent, virtual world through trading both for money or ingame currency/items/accounts). Regardless, whatever game designers choose to do, they better complete their product within a reasonable timeframe where it does a great job with what it's suppose to do. GGG behind Chris WIlson for example could've easily finished the product couple years back, then all those employees who are still adding more stories, audios, bosses, skills, etc. would be better off doing that and develop a different game.

I am not here to play the game for its single player story, to listen to its music, to defeat the same bosses, in fact I have absolutely zero interest defeating these static, predictable bosses. What I am here for is in the hope to use my brain as well through my gaming experience (lessons) to compete with others and feel rewarded based on my ranking. The game currently significantly prevents me from doing this. I cannot do much more to separate with my builds from the rest. I can't be innovative, I simply can't do a lot more of what many are already doing, and then those who are younger as well as care less about their health are willing to log 18-20 hours daily, again due to game design that encourages that.

In case most are not familiar those who sit a lot for significant time through their life develop chronic blood pressure and blood pressure damages the eyes, kidney, brain, but mainly the heart, which is why there are a lot of heart and brain related diseases. It's one thing to control sodium intake, its another to maintain active lifestyle.

5. What GGG can do is continue to design their game so it can deliver a challenging and more advanced or should I say modern content than the one we had decades ago with static, predictable bosses from games like WOW. They need to do the same with the skills within the game, where players through gameplay can discover or unlock what works better for them during a particular league/event. This would eliminate copying skills, builds, and doing what many are doing, which will allow the opportunity to separate.

The less employees are using resources, as well as CEO/owners receive bonuses, the more of those resources will go back to the player base that supports the product and will want to support it significantly more for this, and this is a very essential part in competitive games. I've spent $10 this year on Path of Exile, which was in February to help crowdfund a private league, and that was it. I still don't own a map tab, unique tab or any other "special tab" and I don't have intention of doing that. I have a total of 20 regular tabs and its monetizing model as well as choices over the years its why in my instance Path of Exile has received a total of $40. There is a difference between playing a game as a "filler" game and then playing a game because its profitable/rewarding to be played/learned/practiced/studied, and then support it for doing something that one would want to remain a part of their life.

As you can see things are happening, evolving and there is some event, but then again the China race with its 100 player limit is also very sad reality for the state of the game. During this three month loot infested league, the community will be receiving one event that will last for 10 days with a terrible prize pool structure as well as format. Delve is still by far the most challenging content in the game but given how long it takes for one to reach 1000+ it's why it needs to be looked up, more importantly get that 1000+ difficulty down to depth 300, and then the game requires significant adjustment to loot drop. Individuals can gain massive and the best unique gear for not one but multiple builds easily. So, if they RIP with one build they can easily start their next with the same power creep level, and of course the lack of protection for programs that use scripts, and logout macros, the game will never be taken seriously as a truly "competitive" one.

Kopogero out.

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Ahhhh Kopo, it has been a while, you are still on this, "I should be paid to play this game" trip I see.

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So you can gain easily $300-500 a day but you have spent $40 on PoE throughout the years you have played and you have the audacity to whine about the state of the game. Get the f.. out whoever you are.
I read most of your post. No, I didn´t read it all, because I found it repetitive and kinda boring.
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