September 1st marks the 10-year anniversary since the announcement of Path of Exile! At that time Path of Exile had been in development for four years. It's been 10 years and we're still continuing to expand Path of Exile to bring fresh new gameplay mechanics to the shores of Wraeclast. Shortly after the anniversary we'll be announcing our third expansion of this year, while continuing work on Path of Exile 2. The past decade has been extremely busy, productive and full of amazing memories. We can't help but feel nostalgic already!

Path of Exile has grown immensely over the past 10 years and you, our community have grown alongside it. Whether you joined us several years ago or just recently, we're sure each of you have warm memories related to Path of Exile. We would love to hear them!
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thx a lot
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My favorite memory was having a mirror drop in a T10 Pier from a chest. It's also great that my buddy Tagz says it doesn't count cause it's on console (stupid PC elitist) ;-)
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<3 LOVE <3

- Favorite memory is my earliest memory of the game. Dying for a bunch of rhoas stun-locking me with their charge attack in mud flats in a HC character. My friend laugh so much and still reminds me of that to this day...
We've never played HC since... LOL

- New 10 act announcement, oh man not having to do normal/cruel/merciless was insane and I was not expecting so many new acts since the last time you introduced a new one was only act 4 at the time.

- Easily >5k hours played and still looking for my mirror!

Keep up the great job GGG when I think you can't best a league you give me a new favorite, Harvest definitely is my new FAVORITE and it will be VERY hard to top that. But I know you can do it.
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My favourite memory was Path of Exile: Royale for sure! I still remember seeing the news post and being completely confused if it was real or not... and then finding out it was real! Played a ton of Royale that weekend and had a blast! I still have my 6 Rhoas cooking in my hideout! Best April Fools joke by any gaming company - period.
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I tweeted this to GGG during The Fall of Oriath expansion 3.0.0

Great idea!

Oh, I have so many vivid memories about PoE. Not all are positive, unfortunately, but that wouldn't be nice to post them here.

I remember...

...When I've heard about PoE before trying it in 2013. I'm not sure who told me about it first: my neighbour met on my way home or a person I met in Diablo 2 who mentioned they wouldn't be playing much, because there is new season in a game called Path of Exile, and I should try it, it's like Diablo 2. Phew, I thought, nothing can be better than Diablo 2. I registered, but thinking I wouldn't spend much time in PoE I didn't even use my usual nickname, just the name of my current Sorceress' who was called Iangyratu. I checked the website and there was that axis with some items, one of which was a white shirt, totally not looking like something from a game. There was something about race season. It was confusing. But I wanted to know what that race season was!

...I was farming Coast boss, because I wanted to see more rare items drop before I progress and I actually liked it.

...The unique items colour was so unusual after D2. I really wanted one. My first unique dropped from our good friend Plague Retch (I was so sad when he left, glad he's back!). My second unique dropped from him either, because I farmed this boss after I was lucky with my first unique. I still remember they were Sadima's Touch and Araku Tiki.

...There were Merveil farming parties back then, I think people were targetting certain uniques. I did some runs too, because I liked uniques. I wanted to collect them all! Public parties back then were different. People used to communicate and talk to each other, they even said "hi" :P. I still remember that someone said their cat brought them a chipmunk in one of these Merv parties. Good times.

...Ooh, and Ledge runs! When I was new I joined one without knowing it was a Ledge farm party. I entered the next area while the rest went back, and I thought they were just too silly to find the next zone :P I also remember that Multistrike used to be expensive. It was drop-only! Once such gem was left unnoticed and a few people went back to pick it up. We had no Permanent Allocation option and that was terrible. People used to camp at someone's orbs instead of fighting in hope to snipe that sweet drop.

...Races, they were so fun. I miss the adrenaline rush from the races, all the different area configurations. They had their specific atmosphere, I miss it so much. Sure, they were not perfect, but I believe they could be improved and reintroduced ;)

...How I met a lot of my friends. Most of my great in-game moments comes from interactions. So many ways one could find funny or weird nowadays!
My first friends were from trade chat. I traded currency and they gave me an advice. The two guys were from Germany and helped me a lot with the game, although could't agree whether Lightning Arrow should be supported with Chain or Pierce.
The other friend commented my name that was related to subject of his studies.
Once during a public short-allocation party from global 820 I pointed to them they missed an orb and we became friends, because usually people steal it.
I met two other friends in the same way, they seemed nice, so we chatted.
Another person is someone I met through fishing.
The funny guy who always makes me less anxious was found in Solaris level 2.
The person who joined my HC party to help me find the last Invaders for challenge.
And I actually added as friends the entire three exiles from this forum (for non-trading purposes)!

...When fishing...ummm...mystery was relatively fresh and a lot of people believed it's somehow possible to fish in PoE. A lot of time was spent in Mud Flats, because whether fishing was real or not, it was awesome to finally spot an Albino Rhoa. And then one more! Oh, and Monsta's obscure posts... I remember these too.

...Speaking of this forum, The Goddess Hunt and The Devourer Bottoms threads won't be forgotten. And Rhys. I suspect Rhys might have been the best that happened to this forum. There were also other fun threads. Someone used to share their art project and post an image per day. There were thread-collections like Custom Avatar Art Gallery, item 3d art, Altnaharra's Daily Wraeclast Screenshot, list of all in-game uniques, daily MTX deal... And (often successful) attempts on unsolving PoE mysteries like Harbinger language, a Fishing Rod one, or this thread about Necromancers.

...Master rotations with my friends each evening were a lot of fun.

...When I finally found Krillson. It happened exactly when my friend linked Fairgraves' Tricorne in chat. I was excited and wanted to let them know about Krillson ASAP and died when I started typing, because Coast boss emerged from the sand. Well, that was still fun(ny)!

...Back when devs were more present I spotted Chris changed his signature to new map series, deciphered it fast and posted a comment with the new league name. He messaged me after that, it was very nice. And the comment was in a solwitch thread!

...Both hideout expansions brought a lot of good memories. I participated in both hideout contests and won neither, but was a runner-up in one. It felt good.

...Beating Atziri (or was it Shaper? Both?) for the first time felt very rewarding.

There were a lot more, I wish I could remember more of them.

I'm still waiting for that first Mirror of Kalandra memory though!
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