[3.11] Bleedsplosion Bow Gladiator | League Starter | Beginner Friendly | Assailum

How viable will this build be post-Harvest crafting?
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Would using kaom's or Lioneye's Vision be good?
Hey! I'm gonna start with this build next league.
I'm trying it out in STD right now, and it feels great in lvl 90+ with mediocre gear.

I'm trying to get a grip on when and how to upgrade to e.g. The Elder based bleed bow. I crafted this on the first try:

But i Feel like it actually lacks (phys) dmg compared to Lioneyes Glare. How to compare the 2? How important is flat and %phys dmg compared to bleed mods?

Hope some1 can help explain :)

Think this is going to be my league starter for Heist, I have had a ton of fun with bow builds in the past so think this will be right up my alley! I saw a few people ask but didn't see an answer, on if there is a PoB showing how the tree should look at different levels? I'm terrible at knowing what to pick first, and hoping to have a smoother league start than I have in the past.

EDIT: nevermind just went back and checked and saw the updated PoB, hope to see you all in 10 days!
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Hey all, I'm planning on adding a defensive layer with Divine Flesh. I also plan to get 2 small cluster jewels: Do you think it's overkill to pick up Born of Chaos (or Antivenom), or should I just stick with getting life small clusters?

Not really sure how much overall difference the extra possible 5% max chaos resist would do mixed with divine flesh.

This is assuming I can max chaos resist without using the small clusters which I should be able to do, they would only be for pushing the max chaos resist

**ed: i get the feeling the 5% extra chaos isn't needed, and it's better to just go straight up normal jewels rather than any small clusters. I can get a healthy mix of offense and defense using just the 1 slot rather than using 2 passives for a moderately better offense or defensive option.

Biggest problem I see in the endgame is getting smacked to fuck by physical hits. Although I guess molten shell plus enduring cry will help a bit with that
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not to knock the OP, but there are some really key mods on basically every piece of gear that he leaves out of the guide...maybe because of affordability idk.

Bow can get DoT multi which is the second biggest dps boost apart from 100% more bleed, Quiver can get Double DoT Multi, and there are others all over that significantly benefit this build.

One question that I still have is: Ryslatha. When I put ryslatha into PoB, it does not significantly change any bleed dps at all. Perhaps that is PoB not being able to recognize ryslatha but if that's indeed the case, then a rare stygian is going to be way way better.
so i guess what i figured out is: if you aren't using assailum for 1-shot kills, then crimson dance is the way to go. 25% more damage than moving bleed when you get all 8 stacks going. But ofc, if you snipe you want a bigger hit and you only will get 1 or 2 off before the boss dies. For a lazier player like myself, I prefer to get rid of the ensaring arrow setup and use crimson dance. Takes a couple more seconds per boss but much less risk than with the channeling and shitty secondary stat helm

**ed: crimson dance really fucks with our clear speed. So the extra damage is definitely not worth it
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Hey,builds looks great so I'm planning to go this league start. I'm just wondering how this build holds up with bosses early into the league without the assailum helmet. Are the gem links shown also in the order of priority?

Cheers :)
Hey. seems fun build might give it a go next league. could you please give a more detailed leveling guide for the Build? Cheers

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