[3.11] Bleedsplosion Bow Gladiator | League Starter | Beginner Friendly | Assailum

im thinking of getting either attackspeed and quanitity or chance to deal double damage for my suffix
which should i get or something better i dont know about?
IGN: hyrenfreak
I don't think it should have been Aetheric-Corroded, maybe Corroded-Jagged. I wasted a few Aetheric-Corroded, and looked at the other bleed bow guide and they suggested Corroded-Jagged. I could be wrong but the fossil descriptors make sense to go Corroded-Jagged, maybe even Corroded-Jagged-Aetheric. I've never really crafted with fossils before so take it with a grain of salt.

I stated that as an answer to the assumption that it was difficult to get both bleed mods on it. With Harvest having the Option to slam physical mods you could opt for this combination, getting both bleed mods and adding physical mods vis hellion seeds.

And if you dont want to interact with that u could still go jagged-corroded-aetheric would hit all, with slightly lower chances.

6. Ryslathas Coil is way over budget, especially if a elder bow was over budget for some people. I did forget to include a belt section, and it will mention that Ryslathas Coil is BIS. I am going to suggest a rare belt like mine because again, league start friendly.

And on the note of league-starter: Yeah, I have a different befinition of budget. But if a few exalts are too expensive then assailum doesnt work as a league-starter option as well. It is the first 2 weeks on league-start worth way over 3 exalts, just slowly starting to drop as the market gets more saturated.

im thinking of getting either attackspeed and quanitity or chance to deal double damage for my suffix
which should i get or something better i dont know about?

Attackspeed + Quality is the way to go.
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Very fun build, so far I invested about 20 ex on my gear. I changed a few things around on the tree and incorporated some clusters.
I am at 5.4 million dps with my puncture (not sure if its right tho) and about 5.7k life. I could probably get close to 6k if I rerolled some of my gear. And I still have to upgrade my large cluster jewel.

POB: https://pastebin.com/4dZqNPMc


Next stop is probably to get a Ryslatha, sadly I will lose a lot of chaos res for that.
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im currently trying out this build, so thank you for making the this build guide. never played a bleed build before so im hyped about this one. thank you!
I messed around a bit with different cluster nodes and it seems that I don't really understand how bleed damage is calculated.
For reference: I used the second provided POB (with Community Fork). The puncture damage in there is at 3.2mio combined total damage and 352k bleed dps.

If I change the "Rend" from the cluster jewel to "Compound Injury" (which seems to be adding a lot more damage), the combined total damage drops to 2.7mio combined total damage with 360k bleed dps.

Using "Wasting Afflicion" instead, I'll get 2.5mio combined damage and 366k bleed dps.

So with a standard time of about 5 seconds for bleeding, "Rend" seems to still be the best choice, because it takes about 3-4 seconds to fire a snipe and we still need to move around.

Is that accurate? In that case, Wasting Affliction combined with Rend seems to be the strongest medium cluster?
Hi there, so I'm a new player as well though I have played 3 seasons I still consider myself a newbie in regards to builds.

I'm just starting this harvest season I don't know if the oils are still present but are there any good notable/Aspect skills that can possibly be crafted?

I plan on running this build in SSF although would like to know what should I do with the fact that I haven't dropped a lioney's fall jewel yet is there another place i can distribute the points and still run this build ?
what annoitment is best for the build?
IGN: hyrenfreak
what annoitment is best for the build?

Different to say, since there are plenty of ways to work with anointments. Those are the ones that stand out for me:

- Dmg-wise the best in my opinion is Growth and Decay for a golden, teal and a clear oil (20% dmg over time, 10% dot-multi, 1% life regen).

- Crystal Skin is a nice tool to make it possible to reach ailment immunity with max Rolls on elder boots, chestpiece and 3 Life-nodes of the thick-skin life-wheel. Huge quality of Life.

- Charisma for a golden, golden and opalescent is my choice to go: With a Mana-Reduce Helmet-Enchant, -25% reserved mana of pride/malevolence on the amulet and enlighten lvl4 u can run malevolence, pride, flesh and stone and a banner without speccing into sovereignity, freeing a lot of points on the left top side of the tree to get more hp or another cluster.
bloodfish5 wrote:
I have checked everywhere in this build but couldn't find any anointment options.

What do you suggest?

Here are the options:

Crystal Skin - for max res and avoid ailments

Freedom of Movement - unspec the small node and use this for the phasing and dodge

Discipline and Training - Expensive annoint but lots of health

Avatar of the Hunt - good damage and movement speed

Growth and Decay - Best damage

No Witness - grants elusive so it helps with clear speed

Cleansed Thoughts - Helps a lot with chaos resistance if that's what you are looking for

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