[3.14] Memoria's HoT Autobomber Assassin [Video Guide] [FAST, Deathless Sirus A8, All content]

chumperxNS wrote:
Build is rip because storm secret is harvest league specific item

thats why you enjoy it in standard, so not really rip
there are ways to get league specific items
What's up everyone.

The build is updated to 3.12 and here's my take on the changes:

Assassin nerf
Roughly 10% less dmg, no biggie.

Storm Secret ring
It will be more expensive/harder to get which is why I wouldn't recommend this build as a league starter until we know more.

These are the known ways to get league-specific items, not all confirmed for Storm Secret
Einhar (Craft unique ring)
Div cards (Time-Lost Relic)
Cameria's Transportation Safehouse chests
Level 2-3 Altar of Sacrifice at Hall of Offerings/Apex of Ascension incursion rooms.
Time-Lost Incubator
A Hidden Heirlooms crate in the Azurite Mine
A rare monster possessed by a Tormented Graverobber
Cadiro Perandus can offer a league-specific unique item in exchange for Perandus Coins
"Drop a Unique item" bargain option in an encounter with the Immortal Syndicate
Several monsters and chests of Legion encounters
already got my 2 rings on heist but jesus price fixers are pain.
Whats the method of crafting a staff this league?
I've been playing this build on league for 2 days now. It rocks hard. Very good at heisting aswell. I used the replica soul tether instead of glorious vanity, way cheaper.

I'd still recommend it, but not under 10 ex budget. Definitely worth it.
I'm back to playing the HoT autobomber again. Currently clearing t16's with a 5L HoT and 4L Storm brand. Feels really good this league and instead of Glorious Vanity we can get Replica Soul Tether which reduced the cost for this build even further. (Ty for the input Selenba00)
i was literally buying the same stuff Selenba00 has and now gonna try to level up a character.. wish me luck.. i never played a autobomber before.. im just soo tired of typical builds.
Btw, the pob is up to date with your current way of playing the build?
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guys can this build do ALL map mod combinations?

in pob im seeing a worrying 3.9k hp, how often does this build die?

I just did t15 Cortex, I did Sirius 8, all conqs. The build survives well, you basically protect yourself by exploding things. Don't forget about your ES pool.

Things that can kill you :
Chaos damage
Big phys hits
Ele reflect
Proxy shields

That's pretty much it. You just need to gear and play accordingly.
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