[3.14] Memoria's HoT Autobomber Assassin [Video Guide] [FAST, Deathless Sirus A8, All content]

Hey brother, i enjoy the build so far, as of now the only problem i have is sutaining the self inflicted damage even with 3 clusters with storm drinker and 81% lightning res, bossing is easy and mapping too but the occasional turn away to let my ES regen is rather bothersome. how do i fare, this is my toon;
Playing a similiar build trying to min max a little further.

ANd for bossing

i'm trying this build cause broke my arm big time, so i need something effortless

I was wondering what is the point of arc ? is it for the shock ?
otherwise could it be replace buy a shield spell for more survivibility ?

Hey mate, i played this or a similar build back in harvest and want to try it again this league. Do you plan on updating more for 3.14?
Hello. Long story short I've gathered stuff for this build on Ultimatum and I have the same issue as in previous leagues. Not enough leech to survive longer fight. Flasks kinda recompensate all hp and es losses but still I'm almost suiciding. If you want you can check my character, name UltimateQueueLength.

Edit: Ok, little correction. Getting Unstable Infusion fixes mapping a lil bit but still damage with 6links and 20/20 gems feel terrible and I have troubles with clearing Ultimatums and low reds.
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For those of you who have a problem sustaining leech have you tried buying a glorious vanity doryani jewel?This is the key for sustaining leech.
Hey your leveling guide is outdated as you don't get Storm Brand at lvl 12 as a Shadow and Lightning Spire Trap can first be equipped at lvl 28

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