[3.17] ⚡Velyna's Storm Brand Guardian⚡ Leaguestart | Fast smooth mapper and Hidden / Feared Viable

would this build work in invasion event?

It could, but it would feel pretty weak since the build depends on some rare uniques, and noone os selling cause everything drops everywhere and costs 1c- making people not answering because who cares about 1c trades.

Without shavs, prism guardian, aegis aurora, call of the brotherhood it will feel awful to scale both damage and defences. You could replace call of the brotherhood with budget unique "the three dragons" which allows your lightning damage to freeze, but the damage will still be quite low. On an event like this you want either something that can instakill enemies or some uber tanky zdps. Anything between is just imppssible to scale in such short time
Build should work just fine for 3.17, will update PoB asap

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