Upcoming Changes to Cluster Jewels

That's exactly what I think should be done! THANK YOU!
And how is that supposed to make the accessible to those jewels better? For a thing that you liked to see in the main game they will still be st*pidly expensive and just not worth it. It even makes jewels with high itemlevel even more expensive, because they already have 2 jewel sockets.
So it make the accessible even worse.....

Best would have been to make them drop able without delirium, since delirium is RNG based and so some don't see it while playing three chars and others getting every area a delirium....
This is a welcome change. Thanks, GGG!

Though, it would be nice if we could also get cluster jewels through other sources than random Delirium encounters.

I hate myself that I gave in and bought an expensive base and started spamming alterations on it a few hours before the announcement xdd.
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Good, maybe now I'll even try and use them.
THey doing anything to get the player back, ridiculous, come back to standard and u are fine, dun play beta league.
fs84 wrote:
This is great! Thanks for you guys doing such quick work! The league feels so much better already and now cluster jewels will feel better too.

I hope this means any and all above 75 have the 2 jewel enchant and not just another layer of RNG on the drop like the passive skills points are now.

GGG won't do that. That would be OP. When a cluster jewel drops there will be 3 outcomes: it won't have the jewel socket enchant, it will have the enchant with 1 jewel socket, it will have the enchant with 2 jewel sockets, where the 2 jewel socket outcome will only have a possibility of occurring on Large cluster jewels that have an iLvl of 75+ jewel.

Having said this, it would be nice is all Large cluster jewels would be guaranteed to have the socket enchant. A Large cluster jewel without 1 jewel socket may as well not drop. It's a safe bet no one will want a Large cluster jewel without 1 socket.
I feel there will be cluster jewel nerf coming soon....
Cluster jewels should drop from legion, metamorph and blight too.
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But what about the number of map drops ?
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