[3.12] Radiating Carrion Golems. 90% resistances + 10-20 Mil DPS

Was bored with Carrion and transis to SO full Phys Impale because it can doing Tropical Island farming well.
After some price check i was suprise how this build became so expensive. Doryani Boot jumped from 1ex when i purchase to 10ex, so i decided to replace it because i got +1 spell gem from wand and a simple +1 corrupted implict is really cheap.
If you do spectre version of this build, consider getting one because it so cheap compare to Doryani.
And I also manage to fit in F&S and Aspect of Spider for more damage and survivalibily.
Was debate on how alternative clarity gem work so I dont know if i should put it in, but Enhance abuse with Diverge Vitality and Anomalous Convocation feel really good :D
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Having 283% movement speed and phasing is actually broken...
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FutureFear wrote:
I'm done with this game -.-

For a SECOND time this league my Animate guardian died, this time Sirus A8 fight.

Mask of the stitched demon
Garb of the ephemeral
Southbound gloves
Corpsewalker boots

Grave intentions allocated, lvl 22 (20 gem +2 level ascendancy) Divergent AG.

I don't know what more I could give the guy to not die O.o freaking 13+ exalted.

He had like 16K regen/sec... 70K+ life linked with Anomalous feeding frenzy for life on hit.

It just doesn't matter, because do somewhat end game content and he pops out of existence, speaking about a currency drain... lol

Had the same problem. Try to use Convocation.
the dps numbers in this build are kinda fake right?
since in pob its his combo attack, which is his basic attack with low range and the golem does whenever he can his cascade (every 1,4 sec for 0,6sec) and leap slam cause of the harmonies cooldown reduction.
or do i miss something?
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Hey guys!

I've got a question here.

According to pob fork my minion impale chance is 148% (40% gem, 40% double rotten claws and 68% dread banner with aura effect buffs)

As of now i am really tempted to switch out rotten claws for double vicious bite jewels. Is that viable?

My current Pob is:


I managed to sneak Flesh and stone in the build using manares jewels and Pure might node (which should be switched out now due to discipline manares enchant).

My next upgrade should be doriany boots and switching out Pure might jewel for aura effect one to finally max out my resistances.

Any other advices are much appreciated!

Anyway, this build is simply OP.

Easiest deathless Sirus 8 and Uber Elder.

Random oneshots are, however, frustrating...
i think this was the easiest level 100 and 40/40 ever for me. i died 24 times most at low level from 98-100 i died once in a 100% deli t16 map on a metamorph kitava.

This build is perfect for solo play and most important you can do all hard content with nearly no risk to die i like mapping and make sirus wihtout panic that i could die and lose xp.

This build ISNT perfect for Groupplay and high density maps like 100% deli, you can do it but there are better builds for it.

And best part, i sold my gear that i got for cheap for so much thanks for all the reroller <3
Can someone check my profile to suggest me some improvements ?

My thought were :


replace pure aptitude with a jewel that has both aptitude and replenishing presernce/first among equals.

replace large clusters with ones with rotten claws and renewal

I am not planning to take this char more then level 95 so please keep that in mind.
Been having quite a blast with this build changed to use Spectres pure Phys with impale. The damage is quite strong at the investment i put so far. in POB Secret Police dagger showing me 496k Sirus dps even without adding AG set.

No matter if its delerium double beyond everything just dies... Sirus last phase is few seconds etc...

What a way to build! the Elegant Hubris with 3x Slum lord = 240% increased minion dmg for 4 points was my biggest dmg boost ever.

Here is a picture from POB https://ibb.co/QcS8pgG

Have hit level 99 right now.

Basically do T16 juiced maps, spawn and kill conquerors and then kill Sirus. Simply never die, so XP keeps going up. Meme Status Build (88% Evasion, 88% phys, Sick Dps)

Got today this beauty to push another 2% the phys mitigation:

3.12 - Leveling to 100 on Sirus Kill: https://youtu.be/0z493V7yZ-E
A silly question i'm sure.

But how do we regenerate health without equipping a health pot when we have no hp and need to activate auras?

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