The Angels and Demons Mystery Box

Climb upon my faithful steed,
Then we gonna ride,
Gonna smoke some weed.
Climb upon my big-ass demonic steed,
And ride, ride, ride.
Oh dear lawd.
Stay awhile... and listen.
Sazzbot wrote:
Each Mystery Box costs 30 points and guarantees one microtransaction with value equal to or greater than that of the box.

imagine getting 5 boots. would the value be of 1 boots or 5 boots?

exactly my point. duplicate will make the item worthless. spend 150 for 5 of the same item. so, what is the value of 1 microtransaction?
I am disappointed, I was hoping for something in the colors / style of harvest. (with colored light)
And i don't like the 2.
i will never pay for RNG microtransactions
I want to leave a slight complaint. Can the weapon skins in the box state for what types of weapon it can be used on. especially the pitchfork. Is it all 2h weapons or is useable on some 1h weapons?

I know it doesn't matter that much at moment since we cant buy them but some people might buy the box and hope to get it just to disappointed if it isn't useable. Even if there is 0 people that care about it more info is better for customers.
Got 8 duplicate aura effects and I'm a bit disappointed that I can't do anything with these duplicates. Can we maybe recycle duplicates into random hideout decorations?
I bought 4 more boxes for the test, so what? got 3x Demonic Boots and 1x Demonic Spider Pet

[Removed by Support]
💥 The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent
- Fundamentals of Chess 1883

Never buy mystery box - it's a trick to rob you of money!
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Thank u GGG amazing designs! Only things I’m not fond of are the got to avoid them babies man!

I bought 5, got 2 Pegasus, spider, angel helmet, and angel portal (yikes)

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