Content Update 3.11.0 -- Path of Exile: Harvest

I love how molten strike just casually gets even more destroyed because, apparently, too many people were still using it :D.
Also War Bringer node change...Why, exactly?
And yeah let's nerf one of the top-end 2hand weapons in a patch that's intended to heavily push 2handed playstyle, that works :D.
Some of the things you people do just boggle my mind.
Spectre starter it is.
Does 2handed changes affect all existing base weapons?
Is the implicit separate from this?
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Can't wait to play Stardew Valley :D
Many balance changes have been made to passive skills granted by Cluster Jewels. This affects all existing Cluster Jewels with these passives automatically. The following notables have been affected: Hex Breaker, Evil Eye, Forbidden Words, Remarkable, Grand Design, Expert Sabotage, Vicious Bite, Holy Conquest, Flexible Sentry, Hulking Corpses, Cold-Blooded Killer, Wrapped in Flame, Fire Attunement, Hibernator, Capacitor, Replenishing Presence, Antivenom, Non-flammable, Antifreeze, Insulated, Readiness, Dragon Hunter, Conservation of Energy, Spring Back, Stubborn Student, Liquid Inspiration, Adrenaline, Peace Amidst Chaos, Heraldry, Disciples, Pure Agony, Purposeful Harbinger, Endbringer, Master of Fear, Victim Maker, Circling Oblivion, Wicked Pall, Drive the Destruction, Thaumophage, Numbing Elixir, Spiked Concoction, Sleepless Sentries, Chip Away, Precise Retaliation, Skullbreaker, Precise Commander, Savage Response, Precise Focus, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Surprise Sabotage, Mob Mentality, Cry Wolf, Haunting Shout, Lead By Example, Provocateur, Warning Call, Rattling Bellow and others.

So...are we going to find out if they are improved, nerfed, do absolutely nothing, or are build defining?
how do we even open this new tree???
Two-Handed Maces Karui Maul: Base attacks per second is now 1.0 (from 1.1), Implicit now grants 45% increased Stun Duration (from 30%)

Marohi Erqi now has 200-230% increased Physical Damage (from 230-260%)

You wanna make me cry, right?
What's the whole point of buffs, if you aint buff existing uniques and just let them stay the useless state they are in, I'm fucking done,
you increase their stun duration, but give the bosses immunity for several seconds, you buff the damage of the bases, but reduce the whole damage of these uniques at the same time, wtf is the fucking point?

You can't stun shit even with several exalts investment, nor will you be able to survive a single elemental one shot if your only layer of defense is fucking armour, and even if it is, I am either dealing no damage, super slow, or will be killed by chaos damage, because my only way to mitagate this damage is fucking chaos resistance..
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Can someone explain the idea behind adding Skills to Unarmed but heavily nerfing Facebreaker at the same time?
Rakschas666 wrote:
fucking headhunter needed another buff, wasnt strong enough without, wasnt it...?

Headhunter got a nerf not a buff.
not to complain but for the first time ever i feel like i am quitting XD every single thing i ever loved or played is gone.

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