[3.24] The Infused Trickster | Build update. High Block. EHP has doubled | Demo video up

3.24 update

Hi Exiles !

Here is an improved setup for the build.

Over the last couple of years, LT has greatly benefited from reworks to self-cast spell and LT skill itself. DPS has been multiplied by ten, easily. We've gone from an underwhelming build to a truly efficient build, especially for single target.

But I've felt that the build lacked survivability, despite two efficient layers of defenses :

* Mind Over Matter + Eldritch Battery

* Viridi's Veil helmet + a magic ring to be hexproof + Coward's Legacy belt to be low-life

But the build was still very glass cannon.

So I've reworked the tree to add block. So far, I didn't have any, except the 18% atk block from staff implicit.
Now, I have 50% atk block and 60% spell block.
As a result, Effective Hit Pool has doubled : from 27k to 54k.
This is a huge gain of survivability !

On top of that, I have added two relatively cheap uniques:
Rainbowstride boots for block and elem res

Zahndetus' Cassock for chaos res and Consecrated Ground on block.

PoB : https://pobb.in/HIM1YMX2hMwk

Here is a demo video where you can see how tanky this setup is (hello, Porcupines !)
High Block Setup

The demo also features the three variations of LT (regular, Escalation and Eccentricity), which are all included in the PoB.

Hope you like it, good luck and have fun !
Rahsaan's Workshop, a post to showcase a dozen of my home-made builds : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3432443

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