Announcing Path of Exile: Harvest

60x7 wrote:
I've been disappointed in leagues before but this is the first one that seems truly dumb. I mean really dumb. This could be the first league I dont play.

Judging by your heavy monetary investment in POE... they should take note... Honestly, at this point, POE2 better be amazing. Think I hit the Burnt out Burnt out stage of this game. Feel like i've been had with 60 days glitch and patch out of a 90 days league that was delirium. Saving my tokens for POE2... and my time as well.
jeff_magnum wrote:
I don't get the supporter pack design. It has nothing to do with the league or its aesthetics. When I saw the trailer I hoped for something plant-like, eerie light blue and green and we got this... crap.
Sorry guys I don't think I'll buy any of it.

I agree. Would have made more sense if we got plant-related/themed supporter packs or something.
Tectonic Slam is back!!!!!
Wow they are deleting posts. Interesting, the opinion posts were not attacking and getting deleted just because they don't have an opinion that GGG likes? Wow.
A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.
Not interested,Skipped :/
Much excite! ^^
Looks insane, the changes to the tree and the new crafting options ... bra that's poggers :D
Wish us all a good luck. :)
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