3.10.2 Patch with Beta of Vulkan Renderer

I have AMD Radeon HD 8600M Series and i cant use VULKAN :(
Feels more Alpha than Beta, really.

On a laptop with Vega3 Integrated graphics, Vulkan lags like &/%$&§ AND has lower framerates (15-17 compared to 22-24 with DX11). Win10 x64 there.

On my desktop with Win7 x64 and NVidia 960 GTX, I can't test it. Because it crashes the game as soon as it tries to init.

Back to the drawing board, please.

Edit: On a sidenote, the performance problems introduced with 3.10 Delirium have actually passed the treshold to becoming flecking UNBEARABLE with me now - especially compared to 3.9 Metamorph which I had NO problems with. I STRONGLY suggest you redirect SIGNIFICANT resources to cleaning up your codebase and data structures. REALLY. I mean it.
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Works great for me. No fps drops and over all much smoother feeling. Gj GGG

16 Gb RAM
Bom dia,

Tem alguma previsão do Vulkan para o PS4? pois sofremos muito com quedas frequentes de FPS, além das limitações dos jogadores dos consoles e dos preços mais caros nas microtransações.
Hi. I have an Alienware I7 notepad. I thought the idea of Vulcan seemed great; using all the cores and smoothing out gameplay. Unfortunately when I enabled it my gameplay was much worse than before.
I should say that I haven't had a lot of problems with lag or fluctuating fps prior to this, just very occasional.

The worse aspect was I couldn't see the enemy in a fight or see where I was either! Just a lot of spell effects. Moving about through a map felt very uncomfortable, it was jerky and rubber banding. This was to a level where I wouldn't be happy continuing to play using it. Standing still, the graphics seemed fine but took a while to render compared to before.

I have enabled DirectX11 again and all is well. I hope using dx will always be an option.

I wish you success in ironing out what I hope will be teething problems.

Oh and one small complaint although partly due to my need for new spectacles; when I saw the post for the new Vulcan Renderer I read it as Vulcan Reindeer. I can't tell you how excited I was to find out what this magnificent creature would be! Massive disappointment one-shot me.
Windows 10 with vulkan enabled - 380 fps in hideout. On beach map with beyond mod - 70-250 fps or something. Most of the time 120+ fps.

Ubuntu with vulkan - insane performance boost - 240 fps in hideout. On beach map 50-250 fps. Min. and average fps in Ubuntu are lower than Windows 10, BUT is ok. Don't touch vulkan anymore lol.

On both OS game run very good. No stutter, no skips, no crashes. Just amazing.

can't imagine what would be performance if GGG release native port for linux. GOOD JOB GGG.

btw, tested on gtx 1660ti + i7 4771. Used msi afterburner in windows 10 1909 and mangohud in ubuntu 20.04.
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If I choose "Vulkan" in the game menu the game crashes to desktop. ASUS Gaming Laptop, Intel i7, 16GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 1060, Windows 10.
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"In addition, our Vulkan renderer will force texture detail to "Medium" on systems with less than 3gb of graphics memory."

I'm on a GTX 1060 3GB, and I crash after entering certain maps with texture detail set to "High". Changing to "Medium" solves the problem. I suspect the quoted isn't happening correctly for graphics cards with exactly 3GB of RAM.
devon752 wrote:
dyneol wrote:
Where would you even start ...

Jk I know it's not that good as people make it out to be. It's "virus-free" and "open-source" and "no government spying". Meanwhile w10 is also virus-free, haven't had a virus ever since w10 came out and I can play anything on it. Unfortunately linux since it's open-source it doesn't and probably never will support games made for the commercial OS's.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Computers are not only gaming consoles. Even if, most games run just fine on Wine, including PoE. Also there are quite a few game studios that compile all their games for linux too, i.e. Firaxis (civ, X-Com). Vulkan will make it so that it runs with native performance without DirectX translation.
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Nothing I do works.

I have tried everything this entire post suggested and not one. thing. worked.

Although, I have come to expect disappointment. I shouldn't be so shocked.

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