3.10.2 Patch with Beta of Vulkan Renderer

Long loading, few stutters here and there initially but overall playable unlike dx11.
The only thing i dont like is insane usage of gpu and cpu its like game is trying to bitcoin mine my pc out of existense
Vulkan works _much_ better than DX10 for me. Tested a few maps.

Specs: Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB, i5 9700K 16G RAM

Good job GGG!
I used Vulkan and wanted to take a screenshot to paste in discord, the HUD (mouseover on a item) doesn't appear on the screen.
I tested vulkan in delve and things feel way smoother.

I went from regular screen tearing, to almost no screen tearing.

It also feels like I can see enemies better behind my attacks now. Not sure if particles are in a more accurate spot or if they reduced mass particle clutter. It could be a combination of both making the game look much better.

My GPU is Radeon HD 7900.

I haven't played over an hour cause of shoulder problems, but my graphics card doesn't sound as loud as it did before, which is nice on my ears.

yo i can't set the vulkan rendering bc on rendering is all grey, i can't modify it, why?
This is a total game-changer. Zero drops... I can do Delirium + Breach, and other dumb stuff that used to be unplayable (Like yellow Blighted maps)
What is this game... I was about to stop playing, now everything works! Dx
After more extensive testing with Vulkan, I am loving the performance, but damn I miss the visual fidelity. Seems to be using lower-rez textures.

If you can get the visual fidelity up for someone like me who has an RX5700XT and can handle better visuals, and keep the smoothness, then we got something.

Best update ever i got +100% performance
how do i know that i changed directx to vulkan? coz when i changed dx11 to vulkan game freezes for 15 seconds, then unsupported window appeared, but direct 11 was replaced by vulkan.
I have same problem! It said wrong driver version and set on DX11 back! Even re-installing Vulkan didnt help!!! I think its always as usuall, PoE on DX11 and when it drop dx11 i cant play in PoE (((
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