3.10.2 Patch with Beta of Vulkan Renderer

Ran my first map, Legion and Syndicate with Delirium. The usual freeze from Legion which would almost always kill me when the Legion starts was gone completely which is AWESOME! RTX 2070 Super should have never had this problem in the first place. Still die all the time but that's because I still suck with 20k hours.... Seemed pretty smooth throughout the map. Hope this leads to more refinement in the future.
Run a Blighted map. Vulkan is not black magic on a really old hardware like mine but the improvement is clearly noticeable. Pressed alt at the pump and the stutter is very minor , on DX11 when you press alt at the pump , ouch...
Probably a lot of things to improve , for example for some reason Zana's portal at Shaper hideout murders my fps , same at some borderes on blighted maps.
I have to say it, GREAT patch overall, thx.
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This is really big and nice news, since i have been suffering shuttering-frame spikes since metamorph league. Keep up the good work GGG.
Finally! I just got out of bed just to test it, been awaiting for this Vulkan Render since it was confirmed with the Path of Mobile announcement.

Now we just need an audio subsystem that's not eating 40% of the CPU budget and PoE will be blazing fast!

EDIT: Ran my first map, it's BUTTERY SMOOTH! Went from ~20 fps during action and delirium, with stutter everytime a delirium thing pops in the screen and like 1-2 full seconds of freeze at the start of legion encounter, to NO stutter and ~70 fps during action. This is amazing!
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Artifacts, freezes, general craziness on i5-8400 with SSD, GeForce GTX 1060 3 gb video RAM, and 16 gb system RAM. Switching back immediately.
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Sounds great!
And man, did he look pretty ill
Extremely exciting news. Performance is poe's biggest issue.
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This... is very surprising!!! Great job, and appreciated that you push this in beta to let us try it out. GGG the best <3
Thank you GGG, this is huge!

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