3.10.2 Patch with Beta of Vulkan Renderer

finally aaaaaaaay superduper good
Vulkan support? Anywhere closer to full Linux support is something I am a big fan of. Keep up the good work.
Game crashes when I switch to Vulkan.

Me right now getting Vulkan'd
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hope my gameplay not gonna stutter again...it's so pain when delving with stutter.
okay this is epic
Cool. Will check it out.
IGN: Jerle_Farmer
with the new medium textures the game runs smooth
Trying this out with Linux Ubuntu 20.04 on Steam / Proton 4.21 GE. Looks like it's working so far... some odd "flashing" going on.
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WorstSlamsNA wrote:
Insert_Pixels wrote:
My Renderer is DirectX11 and the option to change it is greyed out. Any suggestions?

Cant be in game, change the setting from login screen.

Still grayed out at login. Any suggestions? https://i.imgur.com/d4CPA4U.png

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