3.10.1g Hotfix

And economy after this is in ruin if this is actualy exploit and not something intended, for many players no point of playing anymore.
Which is better, more mystery box or less?
Marxone wrote:
So now to fix the trick with full inventory as this "hotfix" fixes absolutely nothing.

well done, well done

[Removed by Support]

Actually it is not working for full inventory trick.....

It just another lie by the fossil hoarder trying to sell the fossil.
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Thank you GGG! I spent 2+ weeks of farming / trading / boss farming to get my first HH and good equip and now all this affort feels usseles because a lot of players have known this issue and got easy money in minutes.

Feels bad. Don't even have reasons to play this league anymore =(
well its not even that, currency will be devalued and in the same time hard to grind so basicly waste of time trying catch up to them.
at least it is late league... with most people gone already... if this happened 1st week would be bad.
have finally gotten used to the lab... I dont hate it anymore.:)
This still sucks.
price goes back to low, get 500 of them, roll each couple times? no matter, sell..profit..? 20+ ex? even blind chicken can score..
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neohongkong wrote:

Actually it is not working for full inventory trick.....

What trick was this?
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Only sad thing is i missed all of it :D
Guess gilded fossils will be about 2c next league. XD
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